Featured Star: Muscle top Bravo Delta

bravo delta, big dickDark-haired muscle otter Bravo Delta is a stud out of New England who had already racked up millions of views online before he did his first shoot for CockyBoys in 2012. He used to disguise his identify with sunglasses back then, but now he proudly owns his identify as a bona fide porn star!

Although Bravo identifies as straight, he knows that men are just as hot for him as women are, and he enjoys being watched regardless of his audience. He knows that his dick is too delicious, his muscles too ripped for any porn fan to resist staring. Besides, a hot hole is a hot hole and Bravo is an equal opportunity fucker when the moment is right!

So far, Bravo has just over a dozen movies available on demand. In his earliest, That’s Right from CockyBoys, he performed a kinky solo (with a suction pump as just part of the fun) and fucked sexy, tattooed bottom Ben Rose. Bravo was already a fan favorite from that moment on.

In the heady erotic fantasy of The Intruder, luscious blond Max Ryder is dropped off at a secret location where he is to be treated like a cum dump. He’s totally down for this, being the little spunk whore that he is, and when he finds out that Bravo is the one who’s going to be fucking his mouth, Max can’t contain his excitement! Could you?

One of CockyBoys’ masterpieces, the Answered Prayers series, is a dramatic tale of demigods and mortals indulging in pleasures of the flesh. As one of CockyBoys’ most popular stars, Bravo plays a starring role as one of the devilish, kinky Sons of Chaos.

Bravo went on to do several other jaw-dropping scenes for CockyBoys, but he’s also worked with some of the industry’s other top studios. In Towel Off from Hot House Entertainment, Bravo enjoys a locker room rendezvous with sandy-haired hottie Gabriel Ross. Working out gets that adrenaline going and the sight of another hot man naked in the shower next to you is just too much to resist, as these two horny guys discover.

In Raging Stallion Studios’ Dick Moves, Bravo plays a bathroom prank on his boss, Brian Bonds, using some apple juice. Brian is not happy and makes Bravo give him a tongue bath to clean it up. He doesn’t miss a drop—or the opportunity to bend his boss over and fuck him!

We have every one of Bravo Delta’s amazing movies here for you on demand. Get into this muscular beauty today!

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