Featured Star: Owen Hawk

Owen HawkMohawked stud Owen Hawk is a man who knows what he wants. While working his way through college in Washington, DC as a nude dancer, he met people who had worked in the porn industry and it inspired him to email his photos to major studios, most of which passed him over, but all it took was just the one company to give him a chance. What had originally been something to do briefly for fun became a serious pursuit, because Owen happened to be great at porn and got lots of work.

He quickly became a breakout star with performances such as Taking Flight 2 from Falcon Studios, thanks to his good looks, his uncut cock, and of course his on-screen enthusiasm for rim jobs and cock rides. As a versatile top, he gives us his all in every performance.

Owen joined up with deviously brilliant director Matthias von Fistenberg and James Ian to found Dark Alley Media in 2004. Their goal was to create realistic porn with an element of surprise and spontaneity — high-energy, raw, dramatic, often seriously kinky action with all the sexiest men from around the world. Now that he’s got his own company, Hawk is able to indulge his most perverse fantasies. In Owen Hawk: Unleashed, the melon-assed pig orders up an orgy so sick it leaves him gasping for air. Owen made his directorial debut with Raw Fuck Club in 2008, and the frenzy of sleazy, raw, cum-splattering, man-on-man action was a big hit. While building a successful new career as a director, Owen continued to fuck on camera in hot flicks including The Real Pump ‘N’ Dumps of New York City and his latest, Bareback Gear Jocks.

All of Owen’s amazing performances have landed him plenty of fans and no shortage of awards, including 2005 Grabbys for Performer of the Year, Best Threesome, and Best Supporting Actor, and a 2006 GayVN Award for Best Extreme Release (Mutiny).

Originally from Boston, Owen is a Libra. His partnership with Von Fistenberg extends well beyond the porn scene, as the two are married. He’s graced both porn movie box covers and gossip columns, including the New York Post’s legendary Page Six.

Owen Hawk Unleashed Leather Punks Orgy Bareback Gear Jocks

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