Featured Star: Race Cooper

Race CooperVersatile top Race Cooper describes himself as “pumped full of adrenaline, with an edge.” The Toronto, Ontario, Canada native has made his home in San Francisco since getting into gay porn in 2009. Almost immediately, he made a big first impression with performances in Skuff 4: Downright Fierce for Hot House Entertainment and Black Balled 7 for All Worlds Video. Top company Raging Stallion Studios signed Race as an exclusive in 2010 and he’s appeared in more than a dozen blazing hot fuck flicks for them, including Brutal, Steamworks, and Dominus. With a scorching scene as a take-no-bullshit prison warden in his newest movie, Institutional Encounters, Race is sure to win over legions of new fans. If you want to see his versatility in action, the new Edger 9 series will have you on the edge of your seat with cock firmly in hand!

It takes both stunning performances and exceptional physical beauty to be a Raging Stallion Exclusive. Take a look at Race, whether cinched up in black leather or gloriously naked. As great as he looks, it should be no surprise that he’s also building a successful career as an adult model. Race recently graced the cover of the Gloss Magazine Folsom Fair program guide, which was his second magazine cover. He’s earned an especially strong fan base in the leather/fetish community and has become a huge attraction at Folsom and similar scene events.

As rare and coveted as contracts are, they’re even more scarce for men of color, and Race doesn’t take his status lightly. He views this as both an honor and a responsibility. “I’m a part of the image industry, and whatever I do on or off camera will speak volumes for those who can’t,” he said in an interview on Raging Stallion’s company blog. In that same interview, he revealed that he calls himself Race because he’s biracial and because, no matter how much progress has been made, race is always what people see first. He wanted a name with an edge and a play on words, a reflection of his passion for writing.

Admitting to a twisted sense of humor, Race lives by the motto “If I can’t get you hard, I should at least be able to make you laugh.” His nine-inch cut cock and hardcore fucking and fisting skills are enough that he won’t need to fall back on his comic timing, but we do love a man who can split open a tight hole and split our sides with laughter! Aside from his passionate performances and his love of writing, Race is also a production coordinator for Raging Stallion and is interested in photography, music, snowboarding, and history. Knowing that he’s as smart as he is sexy only makes us love him more!

Institutional Encounters Edger 9: Hard Edge Edger 9: Race To The Edge

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