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SupremeSexual firecracker Supreme, formerly known as Castro and sometimes known as Castro Supreme, is ready to ignite the minute he finds a hot bottom that can handle his huge cock. It’s so massive that the first time he was set to shoot a scene his costar had to be revived with Vicks after seeing the size of Supreme’s erection. Rumor has it Supreme’s got a footlong when he’s hard!

Originally, Supreme went by the name of Castro. When he started working with New York City-based thug porn studio Pitbull Productions in 2004, it was the right time for a name change. “My twin brother came up with my new name,” says Supreme. “I wanted something that reflects who I have become.” This stud has most definitely become supreme during his time in the business

Back in 2002, Castro debuted in Castro: Behind the Photoshoot for Flava Works. His good looks, good body, great cock, and sex-loving attitude all made him stand out from the jump.

Two years later, Supreme debuted for Pitbull Productions in the huge hit Take ‘Em Down. In the first volume of Pitbull’s popular series, Tiger Tyson “takes down” guys who are normally tops and turns them into his hungry bottoms. Supreme went on to appear in the sequel and got fucked even harder than ever before – obviously he couldn’t enough of that Tiger.

Flava Works released a best-of compilation titled Castro Reloaded in 2005. If you’ve never seen this hottie’s earlier scenes, then here’s a good way to get all the “greatest hits” in one place.

Starting in January of this year, Pitbull began to release director’s cut versions of some earlier hits. You can get a new perspective from Tiger Tyson on Take ‘Em Down:The Director’s Cut and yet another Supreme classic performance, Love of the Dick.

A native New Yorker, Supreme is outgoing and fun-loving in his personal life but takes a more conservative approach in business. “I’m careful about the films I appear in,” he states. “I want to be represented in a positive manner and I want to look good, too!” You can’t argue with his results in movies like these three favorites listed below, and more.

Take 'Em Down: The Director's Cut  Love Of The Dick 5: Poke Ya Azz Up Supreme Super Sized

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