Featured Star: Topher DiMaggio

Topher DiMaggioFrom fashion model to porn star, Topher DiMaggio has built a great career and a huge fan base with his dark and smoldering good looks.

Not that he’s just a pretty face and toned, gymnast-like physique. The way he wields that eight-inch cock is everything!

Just don’t expect too much of an outgoing, party-boy persona from this stud, who has been known to describe himself as an introvert. Maybe he’s just one of those guys who will unleash his inner sex fiend only for the camera and for whoever happens to be the man who’s lucky enough to be in his life.

Many a fan fell hard for Topher in Dominic Ford’s Sexy Fuck and So You Think You Can Fuck 6, and Falcon Studios’ What Goes Around.

Topher is also one of the hottest things about Naked Sword’s Golden Gate original series. You really don’t want to miss seeing him in action with his real-life boyfriend Cameron Marshall in Golden Gate: Season 1.

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