Featured star: Versatile Next Door Studios exclusive Markie More

markie more, next door studios, gay, pornIf you were a hopeful young stud auditioning for Next Door Studios, wouldn’t you want the chance to be with their hot exclusive Markie More on the casting couch? We certainly would! Markie is a blue-eyed, brown-haired stud with a body that’s been well-toned in the gym, and he’s been an important part of our favorite skin flicks from the popular studio.

You’ve probably seen Markie hosting the company’s popular Next Door Casting series, playing the part of audition partner as well as presenter. In his hosting duties, Markie shows that it takes more than sexual skills to do what he does. With his charm and engaging personality he shows a knack for bringing out the best in the newbies whether they’re talking or fucking.

markie more, gay, dick, naked, pornIt takes a generous and confident kind of performer to share the spotlight the way Markie does. He makes every installment of the series worth your time, but our viewers are especially into Next Door Casting 5. Whether it’s Ivan James’ southern charm, Quentin’s sexy jock looks, Michael Molotov’s muscles, or Chase’s bubble butt, each one of the newbies on the casting couch has something to prove with Markie. We’re all winners when we get to witness how hard they work to become the next exclusive for Next Door!

When he’s not hosting the Casting series, Markie is also a fine specimen who has inspired countless loads. As a co-chairman of a fraternity with Derrick Dime, Markie is one of the best things about Brothers Without Rubbers. They show some pledges what it’s like to be a fratboy in the NDX house, including a spontaneous bathroom fuck that takes place after Addison Graham catches his stepbrother Markie in the shower!

Markie is a property owner who takes great pleasure in disciplining Mark Long in Blue Collar Bareback Breeders. Mark is supposed to be digging a ditch, but Markie catches him jerking off and decides to give Mark his stiff dick right up his virgin hole!

We’ve got all the hottest Markie More titles for you to get off to, and here are several that we think you’ll particularly enjoy.

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