Featured Star: Zack Randall

Zack RandallSexy, dark-haired stud Zack Randall was able to set himself apart from other twinks right away thanks to his uncommon ability to perform auto-fellatio. It’s one of the things that made him popular with fans of younger performers. Of course, his own thick dick is not the only thing he likes to put in his mouth! Aside from the obvious love of sucking his own and other guy’s dicks, Zack has a thing for sucking feet. He’s recently admitted that he thinks bisexual scenes are hot, but like many younger performers he doesn’t like to label his sexuality.

A Seattle native, Zack made his professional debut in 2006 and was soon working for the likes of Lucas Entertainment. Zack bottomed for the first time in Afton Nills’ Take It Like A Man. He quickly became one of the most-followed porn stars in the business, being nominated for Performer of the Year 2008 at the XBIZ awards and 8 nominations (including Best Actor and Performer of the Year) at the 2008 GAYVN awards. Zack is now back from a short break in performing and is making a nice transition from twink type roles to a more mature kind of versatile leading man status.

Zack defies all porn star stereotypes. He’s a chess champion and philosophy major who has played the saxophone since he was in his early teens. Even though he’s been a stripper, go-go dancer, and is now a successful porn star and model, he once taught chess, music, and math. Zack runs a website for his fans, with regular video clips and a blog. When he’s not performing, working on his blog, or working toward his college degree, this well-rounded stud enjoys jazz, digital photography, reading, working out, chess, and movies – his taste runs to comic book-based movies, thought-provoking dramas, and old school comedy like the Marx Brothers, Peter Sellers, and Mel Brooks.

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