Featured Studio: Black Rayne Productions

Black Rayne ProductionsThings tend to have a different flavor down South, and we aren’t talking about sweet tea and country ham. Atlanta, Georgia is home to Black Rayne Productions and we think there’s something about the different pace of life there that gives this studio a style that’s distinct from Porn Valley’s output. The city it calls home is a whole lot funkier and obviously more urban than most of the region surrounding it, yet there’s still something distinctly Southern about it. Atlanta is hot and so are the movies that Black Rayne produces.

Black Rayne looks for sexy, freaky, nicely built Black and Blatino dudes who are ambitious and not camera shy.¬†Although Black Rayne casts models from all over the place, the one thing they all have in common is that they’re sexy and eager to show fans what they’ve got. Bottoms Trap Boyy and Remy Mars, versatile Jamaican stud Phoenix, and super-freaky new discovery Ghetto Nerd (whom we seriously can’t wait to see in a movie) all exemplify the kind of performers the studio likes to cast.

The studio itself is ambitious, always striving to create video and photo shoots as professional as they are erotic. Black Rayne believes being on the cutting edge of technology is just as important as sexy talent, hot scenarios, and skilled people. The talent even gets to bring their own ideas and if they’re good, the company listens. We say whatever they’re doing, it’s working. Just look at some of these nut-busting movies that Black Rayne has produced!

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