Featured Studio: Cocksure Men

Cocksure MenNever forget that sex is fun. That message is loud and clear in every Cocksure Men title.

Cocksure Men is the third site and studio from Jake Cruise, but it differs from his previous ventures in that you don’t see Jake performing. The focus is on gorgeous, hung, athletic studs,as seen in the hot horseplay in Wrestle to Fuck. “Every once in a while you might hear my voice or I might appear fully clothed in a cameo role, but you’ll never see me having sex with any of the men,” he has said. With the goal of showing how much fun sex can be, Jake takes a minimalist approach to directing the Cocksure Men line. He wants all the performers to have a good time and a carefree environment is a big part of that.

That lighthearted feeling is obvious in the incredible summer 2009 fuck flick Return to Sun Valley Bareback. This raw fratboy adventure pairs up the incredibly sexy Leo Giamani and Jeremy Bilding and it’s everything you hope it would be.

The best of friends are always around when you need them, while buddies are the ones you call when you’re just looking to have some fun. In the Fuck Your Friends series, the guys just need someone to take care of their massive hard-ons! Their best friends know what being a friend is truly about and are happy to take care of their needs! These guys are creating lifelong memories that they are sure to cherish later, while the guys who call on their more casual companions in the Barebacking Fuck Buddies series are having every bit as much fun.

Jake casts a variety of men in Cocksure Men productions, from their early 20s through their 40s. Some are muscular, some are smooth like swimmers, and others are bears. The scenarios are just as diverse, giving raunchy fucking in one release and tender romance in the next. Basically, Jake promises things you’ve never seen from his productions before.

Recognizing that his decision to produce bareback films is controversial, Jake asserts that condomless sex on a porn set is not the same as doing so in real life. “I do it as safely as the producers of straight porn do using the highest quality testing available,” he writes. “And I do it with the belief that my adult viewers will not imitate what they see, disregarding the knowledge they have about safe sex.”

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