Featured Studio: DreamBoy

DreamBoyHere are boys, boys, boys of all kinds. Whether they’re rent boys, skater boys, boys you meet at the beach, soldier boys, birthday boys, or any other kind, they’re all DreamBoys.

Eurocreme, one of the premier gay twink studios in Europe, launched the DreamBoy label in 2004 with its first DreamBoy movie. It’s packed with gorgeous young Euro studs, all of whom are worthy of fantasy. Later there was an equally hot sequel, DreamBoy USA, in which the main character from the original movie, Danny (Ryan Morgan), heads across the ocean and meets an American dream boy who wants to share his big cock and his passion for erotic photography.

Manly young guys who have been locked up in prison put on an excellent show for our drooling pleasure in BorstalBoy. Convicts and prison guards show you what you always daydreamed might happen amid such a swirling mix of testosterone and boredom.

StraightBoy stars the hugely hung, gorgeous British legend, Matt Hughes. Why is he a legend? If you have to ask, then you’ve obviously never stared in amazement at his eleven-inch cock. This movie is filled with group sex. For a straight guy, Matt sure is all about the male ass.

Eurocreme also releases a series titled DreamBoy Hotel, but don’t get that mixed up with the DreamBoy studio. The guys from the DreamBoy studio usually are a little older and more experienced, after all.

DreamBoy’s latest release is CountryBoy, starring a tasty little blond Aussie named Joe Bondi. Next up is DreamBoy’s exciting new release, BirthdayBoy. It’s the first new movie from them in a while, and it will be worth the wait.

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