Featured Studio: Twinkle Angel

Twinkle Husky 5Gay Asian (or gaysian, if you’re into the cute neologisms) porn is growing in popularity lately. For Asian gay men living in the West, and for a Western audience that finds their compact bodies and good looks very exotic, guys from that part of the world have an undeniable sex appeal.

Since the ’90s, Twinkle Angel has been one of the studios best known for gay Asian porn in the U.S. Based in Japan, with an American office in New York City, the company brings us adorable twink after adorable twink, but we know very little about any of them, even their names.

Of course, we don’t want to know these guys’ personal lives, do we? Of course not. What we really want to know is, are they hot and can they help us get off? The answers are yes and yes!

Asian WatcherProduced in 1999 and released to VOD in 2006, “Asian Watcher” is a good solid flick that’s full of crazy fucking with several guys both twinky and macho. In the movie’s highlight, one model gets his pick of the guys at an escort agency. The model enjoys trying to figure out who to pick and we think you’ll agree he chose well!

The Twinkle Husky series, now up to twenty volumes on VOD, is one of the studio’s most popular lines. All you have to do is look at these gorgeous amateurs to understand why! Their bodies are perfection and you don’t have to worry about meaningless chit chat. They just want to fuck for you and put on a good show.

Indecent SchoolIf you’re into BDSM and Japanese twinks and you’re not already a Twinkle Angel aficionado, then you soon will be. “Twinkle Tokyo SM Story” eases you into it with lighter kink bookended by solo masturbation scenes. The BDSM action gets a bit harder in “Indecent School,” one of the studio’s most popular movies at this writing (box cover at right). But if you’re a fan of more intense bondage and punishments, then “Real SM” will truly satisfy your desires.

Whether you like twinks in general or have a particular taste for Asian guys, Twinkle Angel has dozens of hot fuck flicks that are sure to titillate!

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