Fleet Week 2

Fleet Week 2For international gay porn fans perhaps not familiar with the concept of Fleet Week, it’s a United States Navy, United States Marine Corps and United States Coast Guard tradition in which active military ships recently deployed in overseas operations dock in a variety of major cities for one week. In other words, it’s an adult film setting waiting to happen.

In this, Falcon Studios’ second attempt at appropriating the holiday with some horny on-screen antics, the studio has assembled the likes of porn stars Aden Jaric, Bobby Clark, Conner Habib, Cole Streets and Landon Conrad to take part in the frivolous festival of military meat – and the results of putting these boys in sailor hats is all you could have hoped for.

The film follows the simple formula of the first Fleet Week entry for the most part, just with a different ensemble of – I’d say – hotter guys. Cole Streets’ scene with Conner and Cliff Jenson set in a porno shop is undoubtedly going to be the highlight for many viewers. Cole and Cliff play the sailors hoping to ensnare a third during their shore leave, and who better than the cock-hungry Conner Habib.

Conner’s dying for some seamen – sorry, I had to – and sucks both their cocks to get the action started. Then all they move into a private playroom where they strip down and begin more hardcore threeway activities, like some hot rim jobs. Cliff and Cole really prep Conner’s ass before Cole finally penetrates it with his cock.

Soon it evolves into an anal daisy chain with Cole in the lead, Conner in the middle and Cliff taking up the rear. The positions and acts they manage to engage in are quite impressive, one can only imagine what Navy training they’ve received to perform such skills. Overall quite the engaging trio.

Landon Conrad’s team-up with Parker Perry makes for some fantastic fireworks in scene one as does Aden and Bobby’s concluding one-on-one, so don’t just skip to the threeway action.

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