Flooded“Flooded” marks the debut of thug studio Raw Swagga. If this movie is any indication of what to expect, then we’re in for a lot of good, solid fucking with hot young brothas who often get into some creative positions!

In a steamy shower, things get almost too hot to handle with some rimming and cock-swallowing action. Enigma has one long, thick cock, but the hungry Remy Mars is up for the challenge. Occasionally they have to turn the water off for a minute because they’re generating enough steam on their own, and a brotha could get heat stroke if he’s not careful. Enigma is very excited to pound Remy’s pretty ass, and you can’t blame him. They briefly get into a position that looks like it would be incredible – Remy supporting his weight with his hand on the sink and holding onto the curtain rod with his legs around Enigma’s shoulders – but you’d need to be limber and light with strong arms. You’d also want to make sure your curtain rod is secure! After fucking in a few more positions, Enigma blows a huge load on Remy’s mouth and nose.

Later, Remy Mars takes his turn on top with the lean and sexy Michael Race. First he fucks his throat and gives Michael a nice, thorough rimming while spanking his bubble butt and getting a blowjob. Remy proves to be just as good at topping as he is at bottoming, and he makes Michael holler about how good it feels.

After a good fuck in the last scene, Remy shows just why this movie is called “Flooded” by unleashing a torrential creamy downpour on Fly Baby’s upturned face!

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