From hunk to muscle daddy, Nick Capra

Muscle daddy Nick CapraIn a fickle gay porn scene with lots of hot young guys going in and out (heh heh) of the business before you even get a chance to know their butthole properly, longevity is about a lot more than the length of time a guy can fuck on one particular occasion. Men like Nick Capra (not to be confused with the baseball player) are a special breed.

Nick was already a gorgeously lean, full-grown stud when he entered the business in 2002 at age 26. His 6’2″ height, swimmer’s physique, and eight-inch dick make his body the kind you can’t get enough of. His handsome face smiles at you from every movie like he’s totally aware of the effect he has on you.

The porn world threw its arms open to welcome this hot and versatile piece of ass when he signed up to do a live sex show with his then-boyfriend Troy Michaels. An unforgettable early performance in Arena Entertainment’s The Bombardier grabbed every porn fan’s attention.

Nick Capra Dirty Talk from Red Devil Entertainment is a hot introduction to this energetic fucker for those who have never seen him in action. You even get a look at the man behind the scenes when his ex-boyfriend, Bret Wolfe, interviews him about his phenomenal scenes for Red Devil.

Hot House Entertainment/Club Inferno’s Twisted is a deviant trip into the extreme penetration fetish with Nick and a whole bunch of other pigs and fist dogs playing handball. Nick is commanding and dominant with his bottom, Joey O’Bryan, fucking him every way in every hole.

The awesome blockbuster hit Return to Fire Island (Lucas Entertainment) was one of Nick’s biggest movies before, in 2010, he quit the business to devote himself to a monogamous relationship. While he was gone, he went to school and was certified as a medical technologist. After Nick found himself single again in 2014, he made a welcome return to the smut business and it was almost as if he’d never left.

When Nick came back, the Iconmale studio was among the first to recognize what a superstar he still is, casting him in sensual, dramatic hardcore flicks such as Forgive Me Father and Daddy’s Big Boy. Now an irresistible muscle daddy, he is perfect for these deep, passionate roles.

Sometimes, though, you just want a good old-fashioned screw fest with the raunchiest men you can find, and that’s when you reach for Bang On from Raging Stallion Studios/Hard Friction.

With well over 50 titles for studios as diverse as All Worlds, Factory Video Products, Studio 2000, and Titan Media, Nick Capra is one of the most reliably hot performers in gay porn.

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