Fuck Me Raw

Fuck Me Raw

When it comes to bareback fucking and twinks, the first name that springs to your mind (causing a certain springing of your cock into hardness) is probably Brent Corrigan. The twink superstar is the cover model for “Fuck Me Raw,” but he is far from the only one who gives us something to spank to in this enduring favorite from Cobra Video, which viewers chose as Best Overall Movie – Gay at the VOD Awards in 2007. It’s a modern classic porno that remains popular today.

The first scene gets things going with some tender, spicy action between two dark-haired cuties, Shaun Ferrara and irresistible Cameron Lane. Shaun wakes up first, cuddled up on the couch behind Cameron, and wakes him up for some sex. They blow each other first and even though they both cum, they’re still excited enough to take turns fucking each other – the benefits of youth! With little romantic gestures such as earlobe sucking and French kissing to heat things up, this is absolutely not to be missed.

Jock Nate Grant is watching the game when fauxhawked cutie Sammy Paris plops into his lap. Nate’s mild annoyance vanishes when Sammy sucks and rims him. When Nate pulls down Sammy’s pants, he reveals a big surprise! They suck and fuck each other in a harder, faster way than the first scene. Sammy’s load in particular is impressive and he blows it all over Nate’s face!

Cody Lockheart and tan Jaiden Knights feel each other up on a couch. Jaiden strips Cody to kiss all over his body, revealing that Cody is already hard. They take turns sucking each other’s eager dicks before Cody bends Jaden over the couch and gives him a deep, sensual fuck. Jaden is an active bottom, pushing back into Cody’s thrusts.

Emo-haired Latino Diego Fraze gives hot, freckled ginger Blair Thompson a massage in bed. They kiss and Diego heads south to lick Blair’s ass. It’s not long before they’re blowing each other. Diego fucks Blair in a couple of positions, with long, deep strokes. After he unloads on Blair’s balls, he slips back in his ass for a few more strokes before they end the scene with a passionate kiss.

Director Bryan Phillips saved the main event for last, of course. Brent Corrigan meets Skylar Clarke in one of very few scenes that Skylar ever did. The two tasty young dishes are already naked in the shower as the scene begins with the camera panning up their almost identically built bodies. Brent hungrily kisses Skylar and they play with each other’s cocks, rubbing them together. They get out of the shower and head for a couch, where they take turns giving each other head. Brent mounts Skylar’s thick dick and slowly lowers himself down onto it. Later, Skylar takes Brent from behind and after a nice, hot fuck, Brent drops a big, thick load on the ottoman. Seconds later, Skylar cums on Brent’s ass and slides his cock back into the hole because it just feels too good to give it up just yet.

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