FuckedFans of chubs and bears are in for a great time with “Fucked” from CyberBears.

The first scene starts off with three hairy leather men sucking each other’s nipples, which soon leads to Max Underwood, a jolly-faced guy with close-cropped hair and a full beard, sucking something a bit south of K.J. Bear’s belt. Two of them are bald and Goatee Dude isn’t really chubby – there is a nice variation in body types here. Max is the oral enthusiast of the trio, kneeling and alternating between both of the other guys’ cocks. He’s very game for throat fucking and is keen to show his deep throating ability even if it’s hard to breathe sometimes! K.J. and Goatee get Max into the sling and really work him over from both ends with their cocks, resulting in healthy loads for all three. Max’s eagerness and obvious arousal are very hot!

Next, silver-goateed Daddy T has younger bear RC cuffed up in his dungeon. They kiss passionately until Daddy decides to stick a ball gag into RC’s mouth. Daddy gives RC some spanks and slaps while tugging on his nipples, and gets on his knees to suck that young chub’s cock. When Daddy uncuffs RC, there’s a little bit of a power tradeoff –both of them are switches, and now RC is the more dominant of the two. RC makes Daddy cum using his blowjob skills and a dildo up the ass. Returning the favor, Daddy licks RC’s balls and plays with his nipple while RC strokes himself to a sticky finish.

Bulky bear Til Wegman and T.P. Deaux are last but not least in the movie’s third scene, set in a bar. Til kneels between T.P.’s legs and throat-fucks him like a pro, not gagging in the slightest as he takes the entire shaft. After giving T.P. a nice working over from cock sucking to rimming, Til can sit back and enjoy the oral attentions of T.P. in return, at least until he decides to sheathe his cock and slam T.P.’s ass instead! They flip-fuck, giving both studs a chance to top and bottom. After T.P. cums, he helps Til do the same by tweaking his nipples as Til jerks off in a great instant-replay shot.

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