Full Spectrum

Full SpectrumFull Spectrum from Raging Stallion Studios is so named because it covers the full spectrum of gay fetish porn. Included in this kinky spectacle you’ll see bondage, fisting, cock & ball torture, watersports, electro play, impact play, sounding, floor rigging, and of course the rough fucking that goes with it. RS Exclusive and Director of Fetish Production Tony Buff cast performers who know and love fetish. It’s deeply kinky and truly hardcore.

Chris Yosef and Kyle Wood leave work for some fist-fucking in the dungeon. They push each other, and you, to the limit with deep-throating, CBT, pissing, and deep fisting. It’s one of the best fisting scenes we’ve seen, especially because they flip-flop.

Element Eclipse loves the hell out of his intense electro play session with the submissive Kurt Andrews, judging by his wild laughter. After putting Kurt in bondage, Element torments him playfully with a violet wand. They suck each other’s throbbing erections, which only makes them harder. Element bends Kurt over and zaps his taint and all around his asshole, then shoves his own huge cock inside the overstimulated hole to make him blow a massive load.

Hot gutterpunks Doc Benway and Texas Johnny are equally inked and muscular studs who enjoy some rough-housing with their male-on-male action. They swap spit and blowjobs, violence and one-upmanship. On the couch, Doc slides a sounding rod into Texas’ piss hole and finally makes him admit defeat. Texas takes a hard pounding and shoots his wad, which Doc is happy to eat. Then Doc, winner and still champion, rewards his worthy adversary with a load on his chest.

Tethered and hogtied on a cold concrete floor, tattooed muscle cub Drake Jaden tries to get free, but only half-heartedly because he just might be waiting to receive the rough treatment that his captor will give him. He squirms and writhes on that chilly floor to the sounds of his own moans and grunts, his cock growing all the while. Eventually Tony Buff shows up and makes all the struggle worthwhile with nipple clamps, CBT, and more. Drake submits to Tony’s confident ownership, which he accentuates with verbal commands and dirty talk. This highly charged scene ends with hardcore fucking, sloppy blowjobs, and huge loads that make it clear their chemistry is for real!

Stars:   Drake Jaden   Element Eclipse   Doc Benway   Kyle Wood   Chris Yosef   Kurt Andrews   Texas Johnny   Tony Buff
Categories: Fetish   BDSM   Anal   Safe Sex   High Definition
Running Time:   125 minutes
Released:   06/2012
Studio Name:   Raging Stallion Studios  Falcon Studios – Raging Stallion Studios
Director:   Tony Buff

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