Gay Bar or Bust 2

Gay Bar Or Bust 2If you’re an Anglophile, you’ll be in heaven watching Gay Bar or Bust 2. Here are some gorgeous British guys who will remind you of what it is you love so much about the men from Old Blighty.

Just like the previous adventures in this tale, which started out as a web series, we’re visiting one of London’s gay bars, the Flying Dutchman. In part one, we saw Dean Monroe flip the run-down East End pub into the city’s cool destination on the gay nightlife scene. Now that he’s succeeded in turning the Flying Dutchman into the newest gay bar in one of the world’s most fabulous cities, Dean has disappeared and left his “money man,” Drew Brody, in charge of the place. Even though Dean isn’t here to see his dream made real, we are.

In the Flying Dutchman, anything goes because that’s how Drew wants it. There will be live, spontaneous sex shows onstage and men fucking at the bar. It’s hedonism at its finest.

Drew tells his staff, Lucas Davidson and French star Isaac Jones, what needs to be done before the bar opens the following night. Then he takes some time to reward all of them for their hard work with a threeway right there at the bar. Lucas takes some hard cock at both ends from his sexy boss and coworker!

Guest performer Jessy Ares isn’t too impressed when he walks in to find the place mostly dead, and he’s kind of a diva. Fabio Stallone helps ease the tension in Jessy’s dressing room with a spontaneous and very hot flip-flop fuck that leaves them both sweaty and satisfied.

Health & safety inspector Paul Walker comes in to use the toilet and he needs something to help him relax – it’s just impossible for him to concentrate on his job when he’s in a place that reminds him of his sexual frustration. Bartender Anthony Clarke follows Paul in and gives him the first blow job he’s ever gotten from a man.

Other highlights of this exciting Anglo-porno include a must-see double penetration over the bar with Valentin Alsina and Woody Fox stretching Lucas Davidson’s asshole as far as it will go.

Have “a large one” at the UK’s sleaziest gay bar!

Running Time:   122 minutes
Released:   04/2013
Studio Name:
Series:   Gay Bar Or Bust
Director:   Jonno
Stars:   Anthony Clarke   Jessy Ares   Woody Fox   Justin King   Valentin Alsina   Drew Brody   Lucio Saint   Tony Thorn   Fabio Stallone   Isaac Jones   Dirk Berger   Lucas Davidson   Paul Walker
Categories: New Release   Euro   Muscles   International   Anal   Uncut   Safe Sex   High Definition   British

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