Gay Movie Review: Sailor in the Wild

When Sailor in the Wild was released in 1983, it became one of the best-selling adult features of all time. This William Higgins classic from Catalina still glows with nostalgic magic. Watching all-American straight guys being converted never gets old!

Sexy Brian Thompson is camping when cute park ranger Bill Henson busts him for building a fire without a permit. Bill was a marine, so he lets Brian off when he learns that he’s a sailor. The next morning, Brian is hiking when he sees Bill naked and masturbating. Brian laughs, but he’s inspired to do his own meat tenderizing as he showers under a waterfall.

Afterward, Brian visits Leo Ford, a pale blond with a swimmer’s build. Dark-haired Dave Summers is also visiting. That night the trio sleeps in front of the cabin’s fireplace. Horny Leo can’t sleep. He takes Dave’s big dick out of his pants and deep-throats him awake. Soon Brian awakes and is horrified, but not after Leo sucks his cock. Brian succumbs to the pleasure and soon takes the guys at both ends. When Leo withdraws, Brian greedily stuffs his own cock into his ass! Leo adds his dick back into Brian’s hole. Brian is helping to perform double anal on himself! This incredible threeway offers extreme close-ups, jaw-dropping action, and Brian’s poignant discovery that he’s attracted to men.

Dave heads out the next day, but not before giving us another solo session on a rock.

Brian meets Ranger Bill for beer in the woods. Somehow Brian had time to get a t-shirt made for Bill that says “Only You Can Prevent Forest Fires.” Bill strips off his shirt to don the form-fitting t-shirt. Brian tries on the ranger’s uniform and Bill takes pictures of him in it. Afterward, Bill says he’s going to lie down and Brian offers a massage that soon turns into more. Now that he’s enjoyed gay sex, Brian wants to spread that feeling to his new friend. The close-ups of Brian licking ass and sucking dick are hot, as are the shots of Bill’s handsome, smiling face. On his back, with legs in the air and Brian drilling his asshole, Bill looks like the world’s happiest guy. It’s truly a classic scene.


Brian wants to visit his friend Buster, but it’s raining so Brian goes to Big Sur instead. We see Buster playing strip poker with two twinks, leading to a threeway. Meanwhile, Brian meets three guys at Big Sur. He shares a sleeping bag and more with Aaron Gage. The next day, Brian talks the other two guys into an orgy on the beach.

Leo writes to Brian about fucking his pool boy, Rick Donovan. You can see the tip of the young stud’s huge dick emerge from the bottom of his shorts. Leo dives naked into the pool and convinces Rick to join him, then takes him inside where he manages to gets Rick’s entire monster down his throat without gagging. Leo can hardly wait for Rick to fuck him, and Rick doesn’t go easy. Soon Leo cums and Rick adds to the load. They jump in the pool, then sit on the deck and jerk out one more cumshot each.


Meanwhile, Brian is on shore patrol and busts Cory Adams for possessing marijuana. Brian happily takes advantage of Cory’s willingness to do anything to avoid trouble, blowing him and riding his cock. Afterward, they burn the evidence… coincidentally inhaling the resulting smoke. Cory looks as adorably youthful in his sailor uniform as Brian looks manly in his.


Sadly, Brian, Buster, and Leo have all passed away since this movie was made. Find out why Sailor in the Wild won the Adam Film World Gay Movie of the Year in 1985 and let these hot guys live on as they were in their youth.


Stars:   Brian Thompson   Dave Summers   Rick Donovan   Leo Ford   Cory Adams   Tony Roberts   Bill Henson   Buster

Categories: Feature   Classic   Muscles   Pre-Condom

Running Time:   108 minutes

Released:   04/2003

Studio Name:   Catalina

Director:   William Higgins


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