Gentlemen 3: Executives

If you hadn’t noticed of late, the corporate cock is in! That’s right, fruits in suits is the new cowboy for gay porn and Lucas Entertainment was one of the first of the mark with their 2011 release Executives, part of the Gentlemen series.

It’s not hard to understand the fetish; powerful men demanding sex on the spot, the act of the reveal, the taboo of office sexual encounters. The formula is certainly all there.

Lucas has thrown some major stars, such as Rafael Alencar, Avi Dar, Marc Dylan,  Valentin Petrov and Robert Van Damme into the mix to make sure it pins its audience down as much as these muscle tops do.

The opening scene is a doozy with both Marc Dylan and Avi Dar teaming up for a hot corporate fuck. Dylan -playing the role of a young business man – unites with his high-class neighbor (Dar). They eye each other up in the hallway and begin their walk up the stairwell. They head to Avi’s apartment after a hot snog, where the Israeli executive slams Marc against the wall, undoes his pants, and slides his dick down his throat. Avi then flips him around to lick the tight hole between his hairy ass cheeks. Marc obviously likes submitting to other powerful men, and Avi takes the lead. While still in the hallway, Avi undoes his suit, turns Marc around, and buries his dick deep inside. Marc looks barely able to take it as Avi penetrates the power-bottom’s high-powered hole.

Mitch Branson and Kyle King also deliver a fine performance in scene four. Mitch plays a CEO who enjoys abusing his power. Calling Kyle into his office, Mitch talks business before getting to pleasure. Before long, Mitch is incapable of getting enough of slapping the round cheeks of Kyle’s amazing butt and then fingers his tight, innocent hole. Kyle moans and groans as Mitch rams him with his cock and as they’re fucking, Mitch unbuttons his shirt and reveals his sculpted, ripped torso. The scene switches and Kyle takes control Mitch’s ass for himself. Mitch hops on top of Kyle’s cock and rides him, giving over some power until they both explode with hot cum.

Watch the full movie here.



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