Golden Gate Season 5 Episode 1: The Cover-Up

Golden Gate Season 5 Episode 1: The Cover-UpNaked Sword’s first original series, Golden Gate, is now beginning its fifth season. Can you believe it? Somehow it still seems like we’re just getting started with these sexy “tales of the city.” There will never be too much of this good thing, as The Cover-Up illustrates beautifully.

San Francisco Supervisor Scott Cox (Dale Cooper) wants to ban nudity in San Francisco. Strutting around naked in the Castro is kind of a beloved tradition, so this understandably outrages some citizens. Nudist Logan Stevens protests during a speech at Harvey Milk Plaza in the Castro, but Caleb Colton of the San Francisco Police Department arrests him.

In the police van, Caleb sees that he’s going to have quite a handful with Logan. Well, he’s actually a lot more than a handful… much more than a mouthful, too, and they have some fun to relieve the tension that naturally arises between a protestor and the cop who’s going to book him. The hot, bearded protestor sucks the sexy cop’s dick and gets sucked in return. Then the two of them flip-flop, with Caleb taking it up the ass first.

In the end, a sweaty and satisfied Caleb changes his mind about the arrest and lets Logan go free… as long as he doesn’t see him at the rally again.

The series promises plenty more excitement; just take a look at the other big names in the list of stars!

Running Time:   29 minutes
Released:   07/2013
Studio Name:   Naked Sword
Series:   Golden Gate
Director:   Mr. Pam
Stars:   Logan Stevens   Caleb Colton   Dale Cooper   J.D. Phoenix   Scott Cox   Christian Wilde
Categories: New Release   Feature   Anal   Safe Sex   White Collar   High Definition

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