Golden Gate Season 5 Episode 2

Golden Gate Season 5 Episode 2Porn star and writer Conner Habib scripted this episode of Naked Sword’s massively popular original series, Golden Gate. You’re in for a shock as you watch Golden Gate Season 5 Episode 2: The Cover Up.

Anti-sex crusading San Francisco City Supervisor Scott Cox (the gorgeous Dale Cooper) is about to give a speech in Harvey Milk Plaza, but the throngs of pro-nudity protestors are cause for concern. Police officer Caleb Colton takes the politician to a secure location where he can practice his speech one last time. At least he thinks it’s secure. A pro-nudity activist, J.D. Phoenix (on “loan” from Cockyboys), manages to slip into the secret room, looking to confront Cox with cock.

J.D. strips down and waves his mouth-watering dick in the city supervisor’s face while taunting him, asking if he’s afraid. When he can’t seem to get a reaction out of Cox, J.D. starts to leave, but Cox stops him. He wants to defend himself against J.D.’s accusations of homophobia because he’s gay and has a boyfriend. J.D. says that he must be afraid of freedom and the men briefly argue about what freedom for them actually means.

Worked up now, J.D. pulls Cox’s face into his cock and now we see that what the city supervisor feared all along might have been temptation. In spite of the fact that his boyfriend is nearby, contrary to what he plans to say in his speech that day, the closeted Cox gives in to the allure of J.D.’s naked body.

Presented with such a prize piece of meat, Cox can’t help smelling and nuzzling J.D.’s long dick. Soon he’s got his mouth all over the hardening cock, tasting it like he’s been hungry for days and finally has a meal in front of him. Then he plants his face between J.D.’s round, muscular butt cheeks and has a nice, long lick.

Cox ends up fucking this spirited protestor who has come to rattle his cage. Their sex is overheated and supercharged, and Cox looks insanely sexy with his button-down shirt thrown open, fastened only at the neck, his necktie tossed over one shoulder. Later, J.D. strips him naked and we can all ogle that delicious body in full.

Will this change Cox’s mind or will that closet door stay locked? Watch and find out!

Running Time:   21 minutes
Released:   07/2013
Studio Name:   Naked Sword
Series:   Golden Gate
Director:   Mr. Pam
Stars:   Caleb Colton   Dale Cooper   J.D. Phoenix
Categories: New Release   Feature   Anal   Safe Sex   White Collar   High Definition

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