Golden Gate Season 5

Golden Gate Season 5 Episode 4Naked Sword’s Golden Gate Season 5 continues to tell erotic, lifelike tales that are distinctively San Francisco, as the whole series has done from the moment of its debut in 2011. Not many of the scenarios throughout Golden Gate would or could happen anywhere else but the Castro, and this season is specifically based on real-life SF events.

Season five made headlines by lampooning a real-life SF city supervisor who managed to introduce a public nudity ban and get it passed into law. Going well beyond the usual scope of gay porn, GG 5 revolves around a rally where uptight Supervisor Scott Cox (sexy, brainy Dale Cooper) is going to give a speech to defend his proposed ban on public nudity in the city. Cox, some protestors, and the cops are all involved in the action. When passionate differences of opinion boil over, sometimes the best pressure relief valve is sex.

In episode one of season five, hot cop Caleb Colton starts to arrest nudist activist Logan Stevens and instead finds himself in a spontaneous flip-flop. The officer is so satisfied that he lets the protestor off with a warning.

Episode two follows on from this sexual-political conflict theme as Officer Colton takes Cox to a private room where he can do one last speech rehearsal. Protestor J.D. Phoenix slips into the room to challenge Cox’s position by waving his “naked sword” in the politician’s face. Cox can’t resist fucking the sexy nudist even though his own boyfriend is right outside.

Last week, episode three debuted with a thrilling spectacle indeed. Logan Vaughn follows porn star Tommy Defendi from the rally in the Castro to a hosted circle jerk in Nob Hill. When Tommy, Leo Forte, Damien Stone, Blake Daniels, and Danimal see Logan, the jerk takes a much hornier turn. Tommy fucks Logan while the other guys go wild and cover the uninvited but very welcome guest in their cum.

Newly released today, the fourth episode of the season presents a dilemma for Cox’s boyfriend, Christian Wilde. Christian’s ex-lover, Austin Wilde, blackmails Christian for the chance to fuck his virgin ass. Trust and believe that the sight of Christian getting his hole slammed is going to make your cock jump for joy.

This being the first original series that Naked Sword ever did, it’s got a special place in the hearts, minds, and pants of many gay porn viewers. Season five proves that some things just get better over time.

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