Grease Monkeys

Grease Monkeys“Grease Monkeys” is a classic late ’70s porno that has been given new life thanks to Bijou Pictures. If you’re into muscles and muscle cars, balls hanging out of blue jeans, and ultra-masculine men treating the service station like their own personal cruising zone, then you’re going to love it!

Discovering that a car at the service station has been stripped by thieves in the night does nothing to diminish Ace’s (Nick Rodgers) need to jerk off in the morning. He’s busy giving the camera quite a stimulating show of his cock and balls when trucker Ray (Tom Ross) pulls into the parking lot. Nick immediately assumes the dominant role and soon has Tom on his knees and sucking noisily. Moments later, Nick is pounding Tom’s ass, which shows off his talent for hip action and a great set of abs. Nick finishes himself off next to a car tire in a brief sequence that really plays up the gearhead theme of this movie. Just as they’re done fucking, Nick’s business partners Greg (Kip Noll, one of the better known guys in the cast) and Scott (Lee Marlin) show up for work.

The customers are feeling horny today, too. At the gas pumps, twinkish Allen (Noel Scott) ogles the powerful thighs and ass of fellow customer Andy (Roger James), clearly imagining Andy’s big black dick pumping into his tight little white ass. Both men are wearing the body-conscious ’70s clothes that practically advertised everything you had. Greg smiles knowingly as Andy heads to the restroom and Allen soon follows. Allen sits on the toilet, slowly jerking his cock, as Andy fucks his mouth. Greg listens at the door, touching his crotch. Andy kneels and makes a meal out of Allen’s dick and asshole before bending him over and fucking him up against the stall door. Cottaging is as common here as getting your oil changed!

By the end of the movie everybody gets a piece, some of them more than once. Scott has a suck and fuck with a customer named Kevin (Richie Shaw) in the garage, under a car that’s up on a hydraulic lift. Then it’s time for lunch, and Lee and Kip reminisce in a flashback about a hot time they had at the beach the previous summer with a guy named Blazer (Derrick Stanton). That afternoon, Ace’s racing rival, Monster (Thomas Preux in a non-sex role) shows up to talk some shit about Ace’s struggle to build a winning race car. They race up the interstate ramp next to the service station, but Ace loses.

At the end of their hard day’s work, the three grease monkeys close up shop, clean up in the sink at the back of the garage, and head to a club where they end the night with a threeway on the dance floor. Afterward, they go back to the shop to wait for the parts thief to make an appearance so they can catch him in the act. While waiting, the three of them talk about how Ace is in love with his car and himself, and would fuck himself if he could. Once the thief (Stanley Beck) appears, he has to suck all three of them off and then get his ass fucked. These guys believe in pressing flesh, not charges.

Ace ends the movie in a fantasy scene filmed to make it appear that he’s fucking himself, just like Greg and Scott said he would. This is one of the most creative porn scenes this writer has ever watched, which is saying something when it’s part of your job to watch porn! Although he’s truly a narcissist, it’s hard not to be when you have a body like that. It’s hot and the soundtrack couldn’t be better: “I’m in Love with My Car” by Queen! This is a great finish to a movie that will satisfy pre-condom nostalgia buffs and gearheads alike.

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