His Mother’s Lover

His Mother's LoverRock Candy Films makes a high-profile debut with His Mother’s Lover. Writer/director Nica Noelle, already a successful, AVN-nominated maker of straight and lesbian films, proves to be a porn triple threat. With this new release, she’s fulfilled her longtime dream of making a heartfelt gay male love story.

Beautiful, dark-haired Robert (Chase Austin) is a gay student at an elite boarding school in 1930s England who thinks he’s found solace when fellow student Travis (Travis Irons), an elegantly handsome blond, lures him to a closet. There they kiss their way down each other’s bodies and give each other handjobs and blowjobs. The headmaster (Ian Whitcomb) walks in on them right after they cum.

In his office, the headmaster tells Robert that the usual penalty for such behavior is expulsion, but Robert only endures a flogging and a four-week suspension because the headmaster fondly remembers his late father. Back at home, Robert meets his mother’s (Magdalene St. Michaels) attractive new fiancé, Daniel (Boston Miles). Robert’s mother doesn’t notice that the men are instantly, mutually smitten. At dinner, she inadvertently gives them an excuse to spend time together by suggesting that Robert, a political history major, help Daniel, a writer, research his novel about the Romanov family.

That night, Robert dreams of watching student Tyler (Tyler Sweet) and muscular professor Brenden Cage suck and fuck in the showers at school. Brenden fucks Tyler in several positions. After Tyler cums on himself, Brenden pulls out, yanks off the condom, and adds his load to the mix. As Robert watches them kiss, Brenden becomes Daniel, Tyler becomes Robert, and it jolts Robert awake.

In the morning Robert visits his brother, Jeremy (Xander Corvus), a depressed artist who’s barely left his room since their father died. After that tense conversation, Robert finds Daniel working on his novel. Robert’s mother is visiting her sister, so the men discuss Daniel’s novel, which was inspired by his boyhood daydreams of rescuing the doomed young Prince Alexei Nikolaevich Romanov. Robert’s mother comes home in a panic because her sister is ill, interrupting a tender moment between Daniel and Robert. She packs a bag and leaves to be with her sister. Afterward, Robert and Daniel awkwardly say goodnight.

Robert emerges from his bath to find Daniel waiting. Without a word, the delayed lovers urgently explore each other in a frenzy of torrid kissing and undressing. After some impassioned kissing and oral, Robert mounts Daniel and gets his furry little asshole fucked nice and deep. Daniel moves Robert into missionary and pounds him so hard that soon he’s cumming. While Daniel jerks out his huge load, Robert kisses him.

Back at school, Travis is in the closet with Tyler, the boy Robert saw with the professor in his dream. It’s another oral-only scene in which Travis tastes Tyler’s asshole and eventually cums on Tyler’s face. After the headmaster discovers them, we learn that there’s more to Travis than we thought.

His Mother’s Lover is a visually lush, emotionally compelling gay adult film reminiscent of classic homoerotic British period dramas. It’s refreshingly different and full of the kind of subtly sexy men you could imagine picking up at a library or bookstore.

His Mother’s Lover
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Stars:   Boston Miles   Chase Austin   Tyler Sweet   Magdalene St. Michaels   Travis Irons   Brenden Cage   Xander Corvus   Ian Whitcomb
Categories: New Release   Feature   Mature   Twink   Fratboys   Anal   Safe Sex   DILF   High Definition
Running Time:   126 minutes
Released:   10/2012
Studio Name:   Rock Candy Films
Director:   Nica Noelle

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