Hot New Discovery Damien Stone Introduced in Two Upcoming Releases

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Raging Stallion is constantly searching for the hottest stars to feature in the studio’s massive list of ongoing productions. Recently, Hard Friction founders and Raging Stallion Directors, Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond, unearthed the man who could very well be the studio’s next superstar, Damien Stone. The big-cocked, edgy and furred new star submitted an application to Hard Friction’s model search site, and Cruz and Bond knew he was golden the moment they met him.

Now, he’s featured in two major upcoming Raging Stallion releases: Monster Bang’s He’s Got a Big Package and Hard Friction’s All Access. After Stone completed his first live scene for Hard Friction, Cruz knew he wanted to feature him in his next feature for Raging, He’s Got a Big Package.

In All Access, Stone is featured with Troy Daniels in the collection of fully edited HD versions of Bond and Cruz’s live scenes enhanced to include every angle, close up, and positions unseen during the Live shows. All Access includes three additional hot, edited pairings including Exclusives Samuel Colt and Angelo Marconi, Drew Cutler with Logan Scott and Shay Michaels with Dominic Sol.

With Stone’s massive endowment and intensity, Cruz knew he was perfect for He’s Got a Big Package – a Monster Bang feature packed with hard driving, masculine sex in the porn warehouse where the workers give a different meaning to packing, unloading and delivering goods. Newcomer Stone holds his own in his scene with Wilfried Knight and shines as brightly as the star-packed cast including Exclusives Angelo Marconi, Tony Buff, Erik Rhodes and Samuel Colt, as well as Stone, Knight, Bo Dean and Cavin Knight.

“Having discovered Damien Stone and seeing his career get off the ground in such a major way I couldn’t be happier. I like hard driving masculine sex like any red-blooded Raging Stallion fan,” states Cruz. “He’s Got A Big Package was my opportunity to work with guys whom I think are the sexiest men around. There is a lot of brawn and a lot of cock. Hell, it’s a Monster Bang!”

“When Steve and Bruno showed me Damien Stone’s pictures and footage, I immediately saw that they had found a special model. He has the brawn and the look that show amazing potential, and he fits the bill perfectly for a Raging Stallion man,” exclaimed Chris Ward.


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