Hungry for Freshmen

Hungry for FreshmenTwink fans are in for a feast of tender flesh when you watch “Hungry for Freshmen.” It’s packed with some of the tastiest young studs in the industry.

Max Morgan brings home a CD that he wants Caden Skie to hear, but first they need to make the beautiful music of a suck and fuck together. Caden doesn’t look big enough to handle Max’s long, thick dick, but he takes it and loves it. Soon it’s Max’s turn to be on the bottom. Their smooth, lean bodies look so delicious that you’ll enjoy it no matter who is on top – especially when they blow all over each other’s flat stomachs.

Foxy Roxy Red is trying to get out of going to an event and he hopes to convince Shawn Fox to take his name off the list. Roxy is the femme emo twink du jour and he’s way more than just a pretty face and body. When he climbs on top of the butch Shawn and starts kissing and blowing him, you get the feeling he’s been waiting for this moment for a long time. The way they 69 and fuck shows energy and passion.

Cover boy Ashton Michaels is a freshman who’s been going around campus talking shit about a fraternity, so Southern boy Michael Lee has come to make him pay for it with his ass. The way Ashton pants and moans the entire time, something tells you he doesn’t mind paying that price one bit.

Since Roxy was unable to get off the list by fucking Shawn earlier, now he’s shown up to get some “practice” with Cody Cachet. Just what sort of event is this, anyway? It seems like our kind of thing, if fucking twinks is the way to practice for it. If you like twinks on twinks, then this scene will be even hotter for you than Roxy’s earlier one. Cody is as fey and pretty as Roxy and he has a very nice dick that Roxy clearly enjoys sucking and riding.

Skyler Bleu and Shawn Fox are a couple of bullies after Trace Adams’ lunch money (suddenly we’re not in college anymore), but since he doesn’t have any, they take out their hunger on his ass instead. It’s not the first time this has happened, it turns out. Trace must have liked it before, because he says he won’t fight them this time. Sure enough, he’s into it! They get a hot daisy chain going pretty soon. Skyler and Shawn then stuff Trace at both ends and at one stage Skyler also lets Shawn fuck him in the ass while he and Trace blow each other in 69. Threeway fans will find this a scene worth watching.

In the last scene, 8teenboy exclusive Tommy Anders shows a nervous Coy what to expect from a meeting tomorrow. There’s a reason Tommy is under contract and you’ll see an excellent demonstration here. He is quick to take control of the situation, stripping Coy as they kiss. For his part, Coy isn’t shy about sucking Tommy’s dick. They take turns orally pleasing each other before Coy mounts Tommy’s hard-on. It’s safe to say Tommy fucks any of the nerves right out of Coy by the end of the scene. Whatever kind of meeting this is, we want to go to it!

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