James Jamesson

James JamessonLooking like a ginger lumberjack is just part of James Jamesson’s pornographic charm. Even before he grew his luxurious red beard and that carpet of body hair, James was already inspiring lust with his rare ability to suck his own dick. We all like to say that we’d never leave the house or get anything else done if we were so gifted, but James has the willpower to entertain his many fans in plenty of other ways… and presumably he has to leave the house to do so.

James is the picture-perfect embodiment of a sexy Irishman and he’s inspired countless loads with more than a dozen movie appearances since 2009, when he was 20 years old. Maybe it’s his Aries star sign that inspired that fiery head of hair – it’s ruled by Mars, after all.

One of James’ latest movies is Hard Bottom from Next Door Studios, a company he has worked with frequently. Watch him help out his friend Marcus Mojo, who claims to have been injured in a skateboarding accident and in need of a foot massage. When James sees the stiffy growing in Marcus’ shorts, he sees what’s going on and gives Marcus his own cock to suck. Sexual shenanigans ensue!

In Raging Stallion Studios’ Behind the Big Top, James is a barrel-chested bearded man spending a little down time entertaining himself with that famous auto-fellatio skill. When fellow circus performer Dale Cooper walks in and sees James with his own dick in his mouth, he wastes no time getting naked and having some mutual sucking with James, including a really hot sequence where James sucks himself off while Dale licks James’ balls! Dale gets his lucky hole pounded and in the end, James and Dale are both soaking with their sweat and seed.

Here are our three favorite James Jamesson movies.

Behind the Big Top Cocky Fucks Rod Daily 2

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