Jimmy Fanz

Jimmy FanzMiami native Jimmy Fanz (pronounced like Fonz) has a face that could launch a thousand crushes. His sweet brown eyes and easy smile will make you swoon. Then when he gets naked, revealing that hairy swimmer’s build, and seven-inch beauty of a cock, you’ll be madly in lust.

In 2012, at around 20 years of age, Jimmy started doing gay porn mostly as a bottom. He was introduced to the industry thanks to some high school girl friends who were already doing porn and thought he would be a natural. It turns out those friends were right. Although versatile, and in fact bisexual, Jimmy says that he does prefer bottoming. He quickly gained a following in such movies as Private Files 2 (All Worlds Video/Dirk Yates/Channel 1 Releasing) and Fucked Down from Raging Stallion Studios.

Jimmy is a Falcon Studios exclusive and really made a strong impression in their hit Summer Lust with British stud Paddy O’Brian. Being a Falcon man, of course, means that Jimmy’s also seen frequently in Raging Stallion flicks. If you’re into outdoorsy movies, you can’t go wrong with RS’s The Woods, featuring a hot scene where Jimmy goes fishing with Zeb Atlas, jerks off in the shower afterward to deal with his crush on the totally DILFy older stud, and ends up getting his wish when Zeb joins him for shower sex.

Outside of his exhibitionist, free-spirited love of being naked and fucking on camera, Jimmy is also interested in music – listening to it as well as playing guitar and harmonica. Even though Jimmy craves the attention he gets as a porn star, he describes himself as shy and quiet. Before he was performing, he worked in a Miami pizzeria for five years.

He doesn’t have a lot of movies under his belt yet, but we think you’ll agree that Jimmy is a total fox and stunning to behold in everything he’s done so far.

The Woods Knockouts And Takedowns Cock Shot

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