Johnny Hazzard

Dark-haired, dark-eyed stud Johnny Hazzard is one of those lucky guys who could boast of good looks, a gym-sculpted body, and talent well beyond their physical charms. (He could boast of it, but we think he’s probably too sweet to do so!) Far more than just a pretty face and a versatile porn star, Johnny is also a musician and a writer.


Johnny grew up in Cleveland, Ohio as one of those hot rebels with a heart of gold we all dream about. In 2003 he realized he had what it takes to make it in the adult industry. Thanks to a contact he already had in the business, Johnny met the legendary porn director Chi Chi LaRue, who immediately recognized Johnny’s potential and even put him on the cover of his first movie, a rarity for all but the best and sexiest men. Johnny signed on as an exclusive with Rascal Video, Chi Chi’s studio.


Chi Chi hired fashion photographer Greg Thompson to shoot portraits of the Rascal men, resulting in two coffee table books that widened Johnny’s exposure beyond the gay porn audience. When Johnny and pop icon Boy George met in a NYC club in 2004, Boy George asked Johnny to be in his B-Rude fashion show, adding another dimension to his growing career. Under his birth name, Frankie Valenti, Johnny joined the cast of the here! original television series The Lair in season two.


Johnny’s first major award was for Best Group Scene for Bolt at the 2005 GayVN Awards, and nobody who’s seen it will have any doubt as to why it won! The next year he won three GayVNs (Best Actor; Best Sex Scene, Duo; and Best Solo Performance) and a Grabby (Best Three-Way Sex Scene) for his remarkable performances in Wrong Side of the Tracks and its sequel. Among Johnny’s most-watched performances is Taken: to the Lowest Level, a deeply kinky exploration of the darkest recesses of Chi Chi’s imagination!


The latest movie starring Johnny as the box cover boy is Splash of the Tight ‘Uns (cute title, yes?) from That scene with Harley Everett takes Johnny to a place he’s never been, and we don’t just mean the UK!


Warm and friendly in person, Johnny is a caring guy whom Chi Chi once called a “little gay porn hippie.” Johnny’s life revolves around his passions for all the sensual pleasures: sex, music, food, dance, and more. You can enjoy his pursuit of that first pleasure from the comfort of home in dozens of movies available on demand.

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