Latin power bottom Armond Rizzo

armond rizzo, gay, bottom, pig, bareback, pornPacking a lot of power into a compact body, Armond Rizzo is what we like to call fun size. He’s a Latin bareback performer who excels as a muscle bottom. His greatest claim to fame is the way he can take even the most massive dicks with enthusiasm and a smile. It’s a skill he learned young, when he fucked a guy with a 12-inch cock as an 18th birthday/high school graduation present to himself.

So about that monster cock: Armond’s first well-hung fuck buddy gave him a dildo that was the same size as his dick and told him to make sure he could handle it before they had sex. What a considerate fuck buddy! Thanks to that formative experience, Armond’s sexual abilities are the envy of any bottom.

Armond is originally from the Chicago area, where he rebelled against his Mexican-born father’s strict rules against joining sports teams or other school activities. After spending several years in the US Navy, Armond made some porn industry connections online and ended up doing his first major scene with Landon Conrad for Raging Stallion Studios’ Magnetism.

The gay porn industry embraced Armond, and soon he made his bareback debut in Inner Devil from Dark Alley Media/Raw Fuck Club. Owen Hawk and Brandon Hawk team up on Armond for a double anal penetration that every aspiring power bottom should study for tips! It might just melt your screen.

As if his bottoming skills weren’t impressive enough, we also get to see Armond show off his charm and acting chops in dramatic vignettes. We never get tired of seeing the way teacher Nick Capra caves in to the temptation of his younger student, Armond, in Forgive Me Father (Iconmale). Nick feels so ashamed he must confess his sins to his priest, and that makes it even more delicious.

On the flip side of his usual performances, Armond can also punch a pucker with the best of them. In ASSault from Hot House Entertainment/Club Inferno, watch him take turns fisting Brian Bonds!

Armond’s latest scene is a hard-driving interracial fuck with the massively endowed, powerful top Mr. Marky in Bareback Pursuit from Raw Strokes.

These movies and more will show you why Armond Rizzo continues to be one of gay porn’s most prized bottoms.

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