Logan Vs Dragon

Logan Vs Dragon

Leanly muscular German hottie Logan McCree and Hungarian human boulder formation Jack Dragon make for a solid wall of heavily tattooed muscle in their epic pornographic standoff at the beginning of “Logan Vs Dragon.” Starting off with a fuck scene that displays the ultimate in masculine sensuality and primal sex drive, this movie proves that these men are the peak of porn perfection!

Logan and Jack take a break from the work day and what starts off as a drink of water soon has them sweating and spitting to the point that they’re going to need a lot more hydration. Jack can’t resist putting the moves on Logan and of course for Logan the sentiment is mutual. After some hot oral and sixty-nine action, Jack sheathes his hard cock and pounds Logan’s hole, occasionally lubing up again with more spit. Their passionate sex includes hot kissing and several different positions. After Logan helps himself to a big, creamy finish while impaled on Jack’s cock, he hops off and they kiss while Jack jerks out his own load. Then they hug it out, which is unexpectedly sweet and still hot.

There are three other scenes with lots of delicious man-on-man action in a warehouse type setting where the men are trying unsuccessfully to get a construction job finished. A bulked up Claudio Antonelli and the stunningly gorgeous Giuseppe Pardi are among the Italian stallion standouts in this very sexy battle of the brawny and horny. It’s just under two hours of alt-porn action from the true hardcore elite at Elite Male.

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