Madrid Sexy

Madrid SexyAs Falcon Studios’ new release Madrid Sexy shows, there is a kind of sexy that’s unique to Spain’s capital. If you don’t believe it, here are four convincing scenes.

Affectionate couple Valentino Porto and Alex Marte walk arm-in-arm through Madrid’s streets, pausing to kiss occasionally. The taller, more muscular of the pair is Alex. Valentino is more of a twink. He’s young, but he already knows how to use that tongue to tease and please every part of Alex’s body, from lips to nips to shaft. Your own tongue will be lolling out of your mouth and sending a downpour of drool onto your lap as you watch Valentino. The DILF uses his own tongue to lick his young lover’s hole, after which Alex slides his cock between the cheeks of Valentino’s bubble butt. They’re exhibitionists who like fucking on their sun-splashed balcony. After a loving, tender session, Valentino uses his tongue again to lick Alex’s load off his face.

When they meet on a park bench, bearish Jessy Ares can’t help noticing how sleek Esteban Del Toro fills out the ass of his jeans. They quickly find a room, but with the windows open they’re still putting on a public show. As he engulfs Jessy’s cock with his mouth, Esteban plays with his own beautiful, uncut cock. Jessy massages Esteban’s asshole with his thumb and his tongue. Then, crushing his mouth against Esteban’s, Jessy invades that same hole with his cock. Esteban’s cock proudly sways to the rhythm as he bounces on Jessy’s rod. Jessy pounds Esteban so hard that hole must be ready to beg for mercy. Then, remarkably, Jessy pulls out and we get to watch their jets of cum cross in mid-air.

David Circus and TJ Lowell get horny just by looking at their vacation photos from Madrid. TJ helps his lover get naked and then sinks his face down onto David’s fat, uncut cock. David helps TJ strip and they make out some until TJ decides to plunge his face between David’s firm, mocha-colored ass cheeks. They get onto a fur rug on the floor so TJ can ride David’s dick for a while, but they end up in a standing doggy style fuck and eventually stroke their curved cocks to a finish that leaves the floor all creamy.

Wiry, furry hottie Alessandro Masterio asks powerfully built Mike Colucci what time it is. Mike gives him the time of day and then some. There in public, near a bullfighting ring, Alessandro grabs Mike’s ass and Mike pulls out Alessandro’s package. As much as they want to fuck in public, they head to Mike’s apartment. They’re so worked up that it almost looks like they won’t even get naked before they just fuck in the entryway, but they manage to strip, pausing to rub cocks while still in their briefs. Mike kneels, embraces Alessandro’s hips, and fucks that cock with his face. He turns around and presents his fine ass for Alessandro to taste. Mike sits on Alessandro’s cock and gets a deep, rhythmic fuck. Mike cums in Alessandro’s mouth as Alessandro shoots his own big load.

Stars:   Jessy Ares   Alessandro Masterio   Alex Marte   David Circus   Esteban Del Toro   T.J. Lowell   Valentino Porto   Mike Colucci
Categories: New Release   Euro   Muscles   International   Anal   Safe Sex
Running Time:   115 minutes
Released:   01/2013
Studio Name:   Falcon Studios  Falcon Studios – Raging Stallion Studios
Director:   Steve Cruz  Bruno Bond

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