Man Up

Man UpThe hot, hyper-butch military men of “Man Up” want you to know that there’s nothing femme about fucking another man up the ass, or being the man who gets fucked up the ass by another man. This extremely masculine fuck fest from Falcon and Mustang will be just what you need if you’re into gorgeous, muscular guys in combat boots.

First up, Spencer Reed is going to take a shower after a hard day and finds Logan Scott complaining about how hard training is. “Man up,” Spencer says, but he lets Logan know he’ll have his back. And by having his back, he means the back door. These muscular studs suck face for a long moment before Spencer deeply sucks Logan’s dick. They switch places so Logan can sample Spencer’s sausage. Needing more, Spencer invades Logan’s hairy ass with fingers and tongue, soon following with a rambunctious ass fuck. Spencer is the first to blow his wad and soon Logan shoots just as big a load.

Locked in a stall in the latrine, Conner Habib jerks off to a gay porno mag until Trent Locke busts him. First Conner is scared, but Trent makes it clear he’s only here to make good use of Conner’s hard-on. Conner and Trent take turns sucking each other off before Trent rims Conner’s ass to lube it for a good fuck. Of course, Trent wants his turn to get fucked, too! Braced between a urinal and a sink, Conner pounds Trent’s asshole until he needs to pop. Trent follows with his own creamy explosion. If you like bathroom fucks, you’ll get off on this one.

Shane Frost and Alexsander Freitas have been busted for cock-sucking, so as soon as their commanding officer leaves the room to let them “think about what they’ve done,” they decide that if they’re going to get kicked out, they might as well go out with a bang! You can’t blame Shane for suggesting it, especially when you see Alexsander’s body. There’s some great oral and Alexsander’s dominance is a turn-on. Shane gets on the officer’s desk so Alexsander can rim and fuck his hungry hole, and they do it in two other positions before they can’t hold back their loads any longer. These guys seem into each other the most – sometimes there’s nothing hotter than a chance you’ll get caught!

It’s time to sleep, but Heath Jordan is too horny and he wants relief from his roommate Alessio Romero. Alessio sucks Heath’s dick while Heath eagerly fingers his buddy’s ass. Heath is hungry for cock too and soon the soldiers are 69ing – sucking, rimming, and finger fucking all at once. Alessio is the first to top, fucking Heath hard and deep. They flip-flop and Heath drills asshole. They cum side by side, stroking it to a creamy finish, as Alessio clutches Heath’s dog tags.

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