Master Knows Best: Leave the Gimp Alone

Master Knows Best: Leave the Gimp AloneRubberZone makes its debut on the AEBN video on demand network with Master Knows Best: Leave the Gimp Alone, a 51-minute extravaganza of kink starring a trio of hotties named Connor K., RankInSF, and BoyTrav.

But this isn’t your usual fetish porn. It’s the first episode of a rubber and bondage sitcom that has received widespread acclaim from porn fans and reviewers alike. Have you ever wondered what it would be like if the kink life resembled a TV sitcom? Now you can find out, and the answer is satisfying when it comes to both entertainment and titillation.

Connor plays Master, who wears a shiny black rubber bodysuit under his work clothes that goes almost all the way up to his jaw. Wearing red rubber, RankInSF plays Boy, the mischievous, misbehaving houseboy. Mysterious BoyTrav plays the masked, black rubber-clad Gimp.

Master is off to work, but before he leaves he wakes up Boy, who’s napping on the couch, to tell him not to bother the Gimp because he’s taking a nap. Now that he’s been awoken from his own nap, Boy goes to the dungeon. With a meaningful look at a locked chest against the wall, Boy takes a piss and has a quick full-body rinse under the shower while still wearing his red rubber.

Boy goes against Master’s orders and takes the Gimp out of the chest for some sopping wet fun. He rinses him in the shower, gimp suit and all. Then, after putting the Gimp in bondage, Boy straps a ball gag onto the Gimp and has his way with him. The debauched fun includes savoring the taste of Gimp’s cock and pissing on him, then getting head from the Gimp under the shower in return. All the while the Gimp passively looks at Boy with reproachful big brown eyes, silently warning his fellow submissive that Master is going to let him have it when he finds out.

Boy should know better than to try and fool Master, who issues a serious punishment when he gets home and catches Boy disobeying him. Master shoves Boy in front of a mirror and makes him watch the hair being shorn from his scalp, leaving him with a mohawk. After the forced haircut, Master tells the Gimp to clean Boy, which means that Gimp gets to perform a thorough “cleaning” of Boy’s cock with his mouth. Together, Boy and the Gimp service Master’s cock and balls. But the pleasure is over for Boy, as he gets a face full of Master’s piss and takes the Gimp’s place in the chest. Who’s the Gimp now?

Stars:   Connor K.   RankInSF   BoyTrav
Categories: Fetish   Blowjob   BDSM   Cumshot   New Release   Pissing   Leather   Threeway   High Definition
Running Time:   51 minutes
Released:   03/2013
Studio Name:   RubberZone

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