Mediterranean Stag

Mediterranean StagMediterranean Stag comes from Stag Homme, a wildly popular studio with a stimulating sensual vision. Eleven gorgeous men star in six scenes that are as artistic as they are hardcore. Directors Damien Crosse and Francesco D’Macho treat sex like a sixth sense. For them, sex is natural, sex is fun… it doesn’t have to be best when it’s one on one, but all of the scenes in this movie do happen to be pairs.

Damien Crosse and Xavi are out on a rooftop on the hottest day of the year, wearing nothing but billowing blue fabric circling their waists. Soon even that is shed as they move in for some passionate oral sex. Xavi’s tongue flutters across Damien’s rosebud before he begins thrusting into Damien’s hole – it’s too hot for a fast fuck, but that doesn’t make it any less intense. Shining with sweat, their bodies are works of art.

Spencer Reed and Alex Marte have equally exquisite, massive, V-shaped torsos. After jogging, they meet in a sauna. Those towels draped across their laps don’t leave much to the imagination and the men instantly feel a mutual attraction. After groping and kissing in the sauna, they adjourn to a bedroom. Limbs and tongues tangle and Spencer pounds Alex’s hungry hole until both of them cream and collapse, fully sated.

On an otherworldly set, dragon-tattooed Abel Pozsar makes out with handsome Maikel Cash. Abel has a wrestler’s build while Maikel is long limbed, like a runner. Maikel feels up Abel’s muscles, including the one between his legs. We see the men change positions in quick edits that heighten the surrealism. One thing is clear, however: lanky Maikel is a powerful top who plunges deep into Abel’s hungry mouth and eager ass.

Shooting with a hand-held camera, Damien Crosse rings Mike Colucci’s doorbell. Mike’s welcome is warm; wearing tiny briefs, he answers the door and leads Damien inside by the cock. This is another stylized scene that uses comic book subtitles. While sucking Mike’s beautiful cock, Damien can’t help masturbating. In turn, Mike puts a lot of energy into sucking Damien off and giving him an absolutely delectable lap dance. Mike impales himself on Damien’s rigid pole and bounces and swivels on it with breathtaking energy.

Heavily inked bear Carlos Gustavo has a thick cock with a purple mushroom head. Abel from two scenes ago is hungry for that meat and swallows it all, making Carlos quiver. Carlos pistons into Abel doggy style, and then in a sitting position that shows tasty views of Carlos’ huge balls and Abel’s long, curved dick. This lively scene is all about fun.

Smooth muscle studs Adrian Toledo and David Dirdam show us how much fun a bath can be. Sucking face and fondling get them hard, and eager Adrian humps David’s thigh underwater. David sends Adrian to dizzying heights with his mouth all over that gorgeous body, followed by a water massager. Adrian surrenders to David, leading to a frenzy of hands, mouths, and David’s cock in Adrian’s quivering hole. When you think they couldn’t last longer, they flip fuck. Getting clean isn’t usually so dirty!

From playful to romantic to wild, every scene here is as hot as can be.

Mediterranean Stag
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Stars:   Xavi   Alex Marte   Carlos Gustavo   Abel Pozsar   Damien Crosse   David Dirdam   Maikel Cash   Spencer Reed   Mike Colucci   Adrian Toledo
Categories: Muscles   Anal   Safe Sex   High Definition
Running Time:   123 minutes
Released:   10/2012
Studio Name:   Raging Stallion Studios
Director:   Damien Crosse  Francesco D’Macho

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