Men in Stockings

Men in StockingsTrust Michael Lucas to bring all new meaning to the term “stocking stuffer.” Here’s a film that I certainly didn’t see coming: “Men In Stockings” – a porno for a man that doesn’t mind experimenting with items of clothing long attributed to a less than manly practice. But don’t make any assumptions just yet. You may be pleasantly surprised with the outcome.

Lucas Entertainment have decided to combine a few less common elements in this production, breaking ground, in particular with the obvious main attraction – the fetish of stockings. This new level of kink sees beautiful men lace up in a variety of pantyhose play, and is strangely masculine despite its inherent feminine qualities.

There’s just something about men with ripped bodies, clearly comfortable with their sexuality, that exudes hyper-masculinity. If these guys weren’t comfortable, it’d show and the whole theme would likely be a failure. In this sense, Michael Lucas has done well to assemble an ensemble where confidence and the willingness to experiment was a given.  Stars like Junior Stellano and Lucas himself – who appears in scene two with Stellano and scene five with Bruno Jones – have time and time again proved their capacity to push the comfort factor and engage in some more outlandish activities.

The other element is the boyfriends factor. Lucas has put together Spencer Reed and Phillip Aubrey in the opening scene, which was a fantastic move. Naturally this element interrelates with the qualities we were just talking about because real-life couples obviously feel comfortable enough with each other to partake in this kind of unusual kink. By opening the movie with this scene, Lucas has ensured the audience is equally comfortable by delivering a pair where there are no self-confidence issues or hints of unwillingness.

While familiar with Reed, I hadn’t actually seen Aubrey perform before, and what a hot little piece he is. Seeing has ass get hammered while his stocking-clad legs are raised in the air is one of the real highlights of the film. His perfect ripped body is also hard to take your eyes off while he’s being fucked. This is one blond bombshell that Reed better rein in tight.

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