MilitiaRaging Stallion Studios’ rugged Militia features hot mercenary fuckers in their secret camp, showing that they’re equally capable as lovers and as fighters.

Jessy Ares and Angelo Marconi start out fighting, but the roughhousing is just foreplay. Jessy rips the beaten-up undershirts off his comrade and himself. They shed their camo fatigues and engage in a sweaty oral session and ass play that inspire Angelo to flip onto his back with a demand for Jessy’s cock in his ass. Jessy’s thrusts get harder and faster until they both shoot out big, creamy loads all over Angelo.

A sweaty Landon Conrad and Alex Marte press against each other in shabby t-shirts and fatigues. Their pumped bodies, erect nipples, and touching hard-ons paint a mouth-watering picture! Landon plays with Alex’s foreskin and balls as he orally worships the head and shaft. Alex reaches down and sinks Landon’s head nearly to the root of his cock. Then Landon turns his oral attentions to Alex’s asshole and buries his cock inside. Alex fucks back against Landon’s thrusts. Neither guy likes to miss out on some piggy action, so they switch places and Landon discovers that Alex’s cock is just as huge inside his ass!

Wrapped in Heath Jordan’s brawny arms, Shawn Wolfe yanks off his comrade’s shirt and squeezes his firm ass. Heath sucks face with Shawn and then licks his way down Shawn’s furry body to his rigid cock. Shawn grows even more erect thanks to Heath’s expert sucking and licking. He repays the favor with his face buried between the black straps of Heath’s jock. The waistband of that same garment makes a good handle when Shawn plows into Heath’s ass doggy style! Lying back in missionary, a sweaty Heath cums all over his abs and takes Shawn’s load on his beard and chest.

Marcus Ruhl and Race Cooper rip off thin t-shirts and camouflage, impatient to feel skin on skin. Race is hard and growing more so as he blows Marcus with some luscious tongue action and deep throating. By the time Marcus goes to return the favor, Race’s dick is dripping pre-cum. Marcus roughly punches Race in his six pack as he sucks him off, and the aggressive treatment lands him on his back with Race drilling him hard in the asshole. That doesn’t stop Marcus from curling upward and landing more punches, but Race takes out his own aggression with harder, faster fucking.

Men who fight together fuck together and you have a close, personal look at the action exclusively on our theater network!

Running Time:   129 minutes
Released:   05/2013
Studio Name:   Raging Stallion Studios
Director:   Bruno Bond
Stars:   Alex Marte   Shawn Wolfe   Race Cooper   Angelo Marconi   Landon Conrad   Heath Jordan   Marcus Ruhl   Jessy Ares
Categories: New Release   Muscles   Anal   Military   Safe Sex

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