Milk It

Milk ItTreasure Island Media knows how dirty you like your fetish porn, and thanks to director Max Sohl, they’ve given kink lovers plenty to wank to with Milk It. How long can a man hold out before he’s allowed to cum? You’ll find out as five guys are brought to the brink of orgasm and finally milked.

Colby Keller is already getting stiff as Morgan Black binds his arms to the top half of a St. Andrew’s cross, leaving his legs free. The camera lovingly spends a lot of time in close-up on Colby’s handsome cock with its ginger pubes, growing ever harder and closer to spewing in Morgan’s lubed hand. Morgan constantly looks as if he’s on the verge of popping that dick in his mouth, so both men are being denied, but Colby does finally get to cum after 20 minutes of Morgan’s slow, sensual strokes.

Tony Bishop fully restrains Steven Shields in a chair, but Steven plays with himself while Tony tightens the buckles. Once Tony has Steven’s weighty cock in hand, he thoroughly enjoys the feel of it. Tony can tell by Steven’s quivering muscles before Steven announces that he’s about to cum, and with his arm around Steven’s throat, Tony smacks Steven’s cock against his own body as the cream jets out.

Antonio Biaggi has DJ trussed to a filing cabinet, but he was kind enough to provide a cushion. Pumping DJ’s cock with hard and fast strokes of his hand, Antonio orders him not to cum without permission. Seeing DJ get more excited turns Antonio on so much that he can’t help jerking off at the same time. Fortunately, DJ has enough wrist movement to jerk Antonio off. Antonio breaks the customary handjob-only policy and sucks DJ off, but finishes him with his hand.

Muscle bear Randy Harden is tied to a bed. Jack Handler is clothed, while Randy’s presented in a leather jock that barely lets his package squeeze through. His balls are purple and engorged as Jack tenderly treats him to a handjob, even a massage and kisses on the mouth and nipples. Jack licks pre-cum from Randy’s cockhead and tests his ability to withstand orgasm by unexpectedly thrusting fingers up his bunghole. When Jack pulls Randy’s ball sac and pops his cockhead in and out of his mouth, Randy finally cums.

Sean Parker looks relaxed as Tony Bishop binds him to a leather sawhorse. But Sean’s lack of outward expression changes when he sees Tony stiffen in his pants from stroking him. As much as Sean wants to play with Tony’s tent pole, he’s bound too tightly to get at it. This makes Sean even harder. Eventually Tony uses a mechanical milking toy that’s basically a vacuum tube. Most mortals wouldn’t last long in that thing with Tony sitting on their face, but Sean withstands a long session and even maximum power, only cumming after Tony lets Sean taste his cock and then his kiss.

Handjobs have never been so achingly hot!

Running Time:   128 minutes
Released:   11/2012
Studio Name:   Treasure Island Media
Director:   Max Sohl
Stars:   Morgan Black   Colby Keller   DJ   Antonio Biaggi   Tony Bishop   Randy Harden   Steven Shields   Jack Handler   Sean Parker
Categories: Fetish   BDSM   Cumshot   Masturbation   High Definition

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