More than Ready

More than ReadyYou don’t have to know anything about football to enjoy watching some hyper-masculine studs getting all charged up with testosterone by the game and then fucking the hell out of each other! More than Ready from Jocks/Falcon Studios features nine manly men playing rough games of football and then losing control in the aftermath.

Alex Graham dares to put the moves on sweat-soaked Logan Vaughn. Bobby Clark eavesdrops on the secret lovers and can’t help joining the fun, making it one of the most achingly hot jock threeways in a long time.

Dylan Hauser and Tony Bishop happen to meet and feel instantly attracted to each other. As two hard-bodied men with voracious sexual appetites, they are a perfect match in this deliciously dirty scene.

While soaking in a hot tub to relieve sore muscles after a game, Conner Patricks and Danny Palick find that the best kind of healing is the sexual kind. For these two, nothing but intense sucking and fucking will do. They go from soaking in hot water to soaking each other in their hot loads!

You might have seen guys playing table football, but strip table football makes things a whole lot more interesting. Jake Steel and Tyler Alexander strip away their clothes and their modesty. These sexy, ripped hunks then take turns drilling each other’s asses.

More than Ready offers plenty to enjoy for those of us who are more interested in seeing what the tight ends and wide receivers get up to in the locker room than what they do on the field. You may never be able to so much as pass a TV display in a store playing a football game without smirking again.

Stars:   Tyler Alexander   Bobby Clark   Alex Graham   Connor Patricks   Danny Palick   Dylan Hauser   Logan Vaughn   Tony Bishop   Jake Steele
Categories: New Release   Muscles   Outdoors   Anal   Safe Sex
Running Time:   99 minutes
Released:   11/2012
Studio Name:   Jocks  Falcon Studios – Raging Stallion Studios
Director:   Andrew Rosen

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