Movie Review: A Virgin No More

Disruptive Films brings its signature blend of drama and sex with this week’s featured movie, “A Virgin No More.” Two scenes of hardcore porn with a plot are here to tease and satisfy you.

Carl (silver daddy Dale Savage) gets a call from a longtime friend, asking if his son Toby (Jack Bailey) can stay at his place with his best friend Will (Scott Finn). The thought of two cute 19-year-old twinks in his home brings a knowing smirk to Carl’s face. You can see the dirty thoughts forming in his mind as he tells his friend he’ll be happy to host them. When the boys arrive, Carl shows more interest in Will than in Toby. After Toby returns from showing Will the bedroom, Carl says he was hurt that Toby got his dad to call for him. Toby says he didn’t think Carl wanted to hear from him after “what happened last time.” Carl says Toby will always be family, which isn’t what Toby wants to hear, but never mind—Carl practically drools as he asks Toby if Will is a virgin like Toby was. Clearly upset, Toby confirms that he is, and agrees to convince Will to have a threeway. Toby doesn’t want to share Uncle Carl, but it’s the only way the older man will fuck him again.

When the boys join Uncle Carl in the bedroom, Will is surprised to have been propositioned, but Carl says that he and Toby aren’t blood related, and it’s better to experience sex for the first time with someone you trust. Will leans into a long, passionate kiss with Carl as Toby rubs Carl’s thigh and nods encouragingly at Will. Carl pulls Will’s hand onto the bulge in his boxer briefs. Toby tries to reach for Carl’s cock at the same time, but Carl pushes his hand away. As much as it breaks Toby’s heart to be a third wheel, he does everything Carl asks, showing Will how the older man likes his dick sucked and more. The boys team up to suck the daddy’s cock and lick his balls. Carl rims Toby until Will gets naked and lies on the bed. From then on, Carl almost entirely forgets Toby is there, and Toby can’t hide his jealousy as he has to hold Will’s hands and guide him through Carl penetrating his ass for the first time. It’s clear that Carl has a new favorite, but what about poor Toby?

Joel Blanchard (slim, foxy Trevor Harris) introduced his college and work friend Corey Porter (brown-skinned twunk Evan Knoxx) to his boyfriend, but now he’s bored with the way Corey spends all his time either working or getting domestic. One day, Joel suggests to Corey that they have some fun like they used to. Their boss, Luca Krueger (athletic bro Jayden Marcos) is hot and Joel really wants to fuck him, and Joel thinks this is a perfect chance to play “Who Can Get the Guy?” for old time’s sake. He calls in a favor that Corey owes him, and Corey finally relents—as long as they never talk about it again. For the rest of the day, Joel and Corey take turns going into Luca’s office and flirting heavily with him, until Luca finally confronts Corey over how weird he’s acting. When Corey admits that he and Joel are competing to fuck him, Luca calls both guys into his office. While Corey is sucking Luca’s face, Joel sneakily taps a few things on his phone and slides it back into his pocket.

Corey and Joel kneel in front of Luca to take turns servicing his big dick. At times when they’re all on the couch making out and sucking cock, you can see Corey’s dick twitching in his pants; he’s raring to go by the time he’s naked with his boss’s mouth around his shaft. The three men enjoy an oral train for a while before switching positions so Luca fucks Corey’s face from above while simultaneously eating Joel’s ass. Corey and Luca spit roast Joel in doggy position, taking turns at each of his holes. Then it’s Corey’s turn to be spit roasted as he lies on his back. After some more position changes, Joel and Luca finally stand over Corey to cum on his face together as Corey jerks out a load. At that moment, Corey’s boyfriend walks in with a pizza that Joel texted to ask him to bring. In one fell swoop, lives are ruined and worse.

“A Virgin No More” is one of the most emotionally gripping yet sexually satisfying releases yet from Disruptive Films. You can rent, stream, or download this hot new release on our adult VOD theater now.