Movie Review: A Weekend with Danny

a weekend with danny, danny montero, kayden gray, johnny cruz, jonah o'pry, brute club, gay, porn, british, safe sex, twink, international, europeanMexican stud Danny Montero is on a trip to visit a friend in London that takes a much more erotic turn than he planned. Hey, no complaints here. As the star of A Weekend with Danny from Eurocreme, this smooth and handsome young Latino is giving us life!

First Danny visits the gorgeous Kayden Gray, who’s on a photo shoot. Kayden welcomes Danny to England with his big ol’ British beef. After some sizzling foreplay in which they fondle, nuzzle, and slurp each other’s packages, Kayden slides on in to Danny’s ready asshole and fucks him deeply.

After that cum-gushing first encounter with Kayden, Danny heads out to visit the sights and enjoy some of the local cuisine. He especially has a good time topping scruffy, slender bartender Johnny Cruz after closing time. Johnny stands out from his twinky costars with his little ponytail. There are lots of exciting close-ups of their oral action, and they look downright delicious in the cozy darkness of the club as Danny pounds Johnny’s hot ass.

Danny wants to do some more sightseeing before he leaves London, but the locals aren’t going to let him end his trip to the Big Smoke without feeling a little more of their hospitality.

Meanwhile, Kayden and his ruggedly sexy friend Jonah O’pry have some fun while Danny is off on his adventures. Jonah takes Kayden to his well-lit bedroom. He feeds Kayden his fat cock in both his mouth and his endlessly greedy hole. We like Jonah’s floppy hair and short beard.

Bringing his sexual adventures in London to a close (but not for long, we bet), Danny hooks up with a young hottie named Brute Club. A nom de porn like that is something for this twunk to grow into, because we sort of expect a bear when we hear that name. No matter, though, because this pale, sculpted stud gives the best of British to our Mexican traveler.

Part sizzling fuck flick, part travelogue, and part charming interview with a gorgeous stud we’d really like to see more of, A Weekend with Danny commemorates a weekend vacation to remember. It’s streaming exclusively on AEBN.

Stars:   Danny Montero   Kayden Gray   Brute Club   Jonah O’pry   Johnny Cruz  
Studio Name:   Eurocreme  Eurocreme Group 
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