Movie Review: Abducted and Degraded

Abducted and DegradedSexy little Euro twinks get taken to a scary, remote warehouse and used to the fullest when they are only trying to go about their daily lives — jobs, school, the usual stuff that isn’t as exciting as bareback fucking. It’s not in English, but if you care what they’re saying there are subtitles. Of course, body language is universal so you really don’t have to worry about reading while you’re just trying to get off on some hot, raw twink action!

The narrator, a cute young blond named Ashton Gates, is thinking he has a job lined up, but ends up being taken to another town where the guys on the job will all have to stay the night. He and the guy who hired them have some consensual fun that night, but when it’s time to go to sleep he has a kinky nightmare of being tied up and taken to a factory with his friend in the middle of the night.

We see Chester Pool subjecting Francisco Ruck and Hari Marple to some “forced” blowjob action, which leads to the prisoners fucking Chester and then getting fucked in turn. Eventually Chester and Francisco unload their seed in Hari’s┬áhungry mouth!

Suddenly a deranged, drill-wielding guy in black breaks up the party. It’s Alan Capier, looking to get a little of his own action with Hari. He handles him roughly, pissing all over him and making him swallow it. In one of the most thrilling moments, Alan strips Hari’s foot of its sock and encases it in a condom, which he lubes up so he can stick as much of that foot as possible up his ass.

Later scenes involve Lukas Brenkus (who looks kind of like Finn from Glee) wrapped up in cling film and covered in candle wax, a threeway, an enema, forced beer drinking through a funnel (hey, it’s not piss, but it might taste similar!), and more golden showers packed into one movie than you’ve probably seen in a while. In the end, Ashton finally has his turn. His captor, Mike Nolden, drips hot candle wax on Ashton and makes him suck his cock. There is some more wax play before Ashton gets to fuck Mike in the ass. Afterward, Mike pisses all over Ashton’s face, and Ashton gargles it like mouthwash before he swallows. Soon he gets to swallow a load as well! He wakes up and it seems his nightmare could be coming true, at least for Francisco.

The best, and perhaps least expected, thing about these scenes is that the captors gleefully encourage their captives to be the dominant one every once in a while. But don’t let this fool you into forgetting who is in charge!

You don’t want to miss all the hardcore pissing fetish and bareback action in “Abducted and Degraded,” one of the nastiest flicks we’ve seen in a while!

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