Movie Review: After Glow

After Glow - gay porn - hot house entertainmentSeven men abandon themselves to the ecstasy of cock in After Glow from Hot House Entertainment.

Muscular studs Jimmy Durano and Alexy Tyler make a gorgeous pair. After tasting Alexy’s fantastic buns, Jimmy dives between his cheeks and starts tickling that crack with his tongue and his beard. Alexy takes Jimmy’s hard-on in his mouth, but Jimmy takes charge and starts fucking his face. He’s just as much of a power top when it comes to fucking that ass, too. When Alexy flips onto his back, he opens wide with his legs above him so that Jimmy can thrust even deeper inside. As Alexy cums hard all over his own toned abs, his face is a picture of total dick-pig bliss. Soon Jimmy adds to the cummy mess, aiming his load for Alexy’s dick and asshole. Alexy makes sure to get a taste of the cream!

Colton Grey is looking too good for Luke Adams to resist, with his skin art, those lean muscles, and that long, fat dick! Luke hungrily slurps Colton’s rod and gets it ready to enter his greedy hole. Colton pushes his way into Luke from behind, but pauses to suck Luke off for a bit before really going in for the fuck. Once Colton is thrusting at full speed into that greedy ass, Luke furiously pumps his own cock until he creams on himself. Colton spooges in Luke’s mouth and Luke thirstily gulps it down.

Alexy Tyler returns, and at first it looks like he’ll have to satisfy his own lust with a huge dildo. Like he did for Jimmy, Alexy lifts his legs in the air so he can really get that toy deep inside. He alternately plugs his butt and his greedy mouth with the dildo. When Sean Zevran shows up, Alexy excitedly shows off his lack of a gag reflex by orally engulfing Sean’s dick all the way to the hilt. Alexy resumes the missionary position for some drilling, and then takes it doggy style. He catches Sean’s generous load on his pierced tongue.

Johnny V’s an incredible power bottom with a tight hole and a body like a Greek god. He gives generously of himself to the sexy Tyson Tyler, who warms Johnny up with a huge, ribbed yellow dong. Johnny excitedly primes Tyson’s tool with one of his hungriest, sloppiest blowjobs ever, making sure to get him worked up enough for a fuck that neither one will forget. As if trying to one-up Johnny’s oral prowess, Tyson delivers an even messier suck. Now, dripping with spit and their dicks throbbing for release, they clash in an ecstatic rhythm. On all fours, Johnny clenches tightly on Tyson’s thrusting cock. Tyson works up a glossy sweat with some aggressive pounding. Then, mounted on top and riding deeper than ever, Johnny jerks out an enormous wad of spooge that triggers Johnny’s orgasm. Drained and happy, they kiss.

After Glow is perfectly named, because powerful fucks like these will leave everyone beaming with the satisfaction that only a total release can provide.

Stars:   Alexy Tyler   Jimmy Durano   Tyson Tyler   Colton Grey   Sean Zevran   Luke Adams   Johnny V.
Studio Name:   Hot House Entertainment  Falcon Studios Group