Movie Review: “Ambushed 7,” Active Duty

ambushed 7 active duty military porn gay princeton price phillip price diego quentin gainz craig cameron ryan jordan zack matthews ripley tex long omar azar orgy orgies threesome threewayActive Duty is always a fan favorite way to see soldiers out of uniform and enjoying some R&R. Ambushed 7 presents a threeway, an awesome orgy, and two debut masturbation scenes.

The movie starts off on an exciting note as Active Duty veteran Princeton Price brings new recruits Phillip Fox and Diego on board. Claude just steps back and lets the camera roll as the muscular trio gets to it. Princeton quickly gets Diego’s stiff dick in his mouth while getting head from Phillip. Watching how excited Diego gets from his oral attentions makes Princeton even more aroused and they start to suck face while Phillip sucks cock. Eventually they’re in an oral sex triangle, and Princeton buries his face between Phillip’s butt cheeks to get him wet for fucking. Once Princeton has penetrated that tight pucker, he builds up a good speed and pounds out a rhythm that drives Phillip wild. With Diego’s cock in his mouth, Princeton keeps fucking Phillip as the camera lovingly records the thrusting up close. After a while, Princeton finally lets Diego have a crack at Phillip’s crack. Slowly, Phillip mounts Diego and gets used to the girth before commencing to ride him harder and faster. Phillip ends up on his back getting fucked until all three guys jizz all over Phillip’s body.

Princeton joins Quentin Gainz, Craig Cameron, Ryan Jordan, Zack Matthews and Ripley for a six-soldier Christmastime orgy that looks like the best way to celebrate the holidays. The dirty half dozen are in a festive mood, goofing off together as things get hotter. Don’t try and keep track of who’s fucking who or which mouth is sucking which cock—just sit back with your dick in your hand and watch the Yuletide sex party. It doesn’t matter if it’s December, April, or July… we’d love to taste these candy canes anytime.

The movie ends with hot solo scenes from gorgeous newcomers Tex Long and Omar Azaro.

Ambushed 7 is exclusively streaming on AEBN.

Stars:   Quentin Gainz   Craig Cameron   Phillip Fox   Tex Long   Omar Azaro   Ripley (m)   Princeton Price   Zack Matthews   Diego   Ryan Jordan
Studio Name:   Active Duty