Movie Review: Anal Fuck Toys,” Boys Halfway House”

anal fuck toys, bareback, str8, boys halfway house, gay, pornThe Boys Halfway House is full of horny house managers and young troublemakers who are here because they’re either too reckless or not very good at making life choices. In Anal Fuck Toys, meet three more hot pieces of ass who take a pounding from the house managers, till their holes are gaping and dripping with spunk.

A long-term resident who once was headed down the right path has abused his lofty position of some responsibility over the newer guys. Now he needs to be punished, and fast. The new house manager is ruthless and relentless when it comes to discipline. He and another house manager teach their charge a lesson with some face slapping, face fucking, and spit roasting. It’s going to be a day or two before he recovers from this unusual form of “therapy” that includes more than a half dozen ass-fucking positions! When the house managers are ready to blow, they pull his ass up higher so they can jizz all over his completely wrecked asshole.

After not completing his first go-round at the Boys Halfway House, this straight Brad Pitt lookalike (let’s just call him Brad) gets to come back because the house managers love that ass. He’s a mess and he’s picked up even more bad habits since his last stay, but before he burns out, he’s still a great fuck toy! The house manager aims the camera lovingly at those big, stunning eyes as Brad slowly jerks him off and sucks him. For a straight guy, he has such excellent blowjob skills that the house manager almost cums too soon. But Brad knows what the house manager really wants is his ass, so he lubes up the house manager’s cock and mounts it. That hole is so good the house manager decides that Brad deserves to get off too, so he jerks that straight boy’s cock and makes him pop while he’s getting fucked in the ass. Soon the house manager creams Brad’s ass, making sure not a drop is wasted.

Residents at the Boys Halfway House are all required to get jobs, but the entitled brat in the final scene thinks he’s too good to follow the rules. The house manager likes to take the rent out of his ass, since he won’t bother to look for work. It’s not the usual arrangement, but this straight boy can really suck dick, he’s surprisingly submissive, and his ass is just loose enough that you can push your dick in all the way. The house manager totally destroys that hole, smacking up against the boy’s bubble butt as hard as he can. On second thought, maybe it would be okay if he stays unemployed and just makes himself useful as an on-demand fuck hole!

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Stars:   Toby Springs
Studio Name:   Boys Halfway House