Movie Review: Barebacking: Colin Steele

Barebacking: Colin SteeleColin Steele is at his raw best in the wildly popular new release, Barebacking: Colin Steele. Hung and handsome with beefy sex appeal, a total gluttony for cock, and serious bottoming skills, Colin is pretty much the perfect total package.

Although Colin is always the main attraction, he isn’t the only one here with an oral fixation; the first part of the movie is a tangle of bodies and limbs in an unabashed orgy of cock sucking and ass eating. When it comes to the power fucking, though, all the others line up for their crack at Colin’s crack. Can you blame them? His hole seemingly can take as many dicks as you can throw at it. Colin spends a lot of time on his hands and knees with a cock at each end, simultaneously. Often, the guys who aren’t currently availing themselves of Colin’s holes keep themselves well entertained with each other. No mouth or hole needs to go hungry when the cast is this big. Watching Colin take on such hung specimens as Adam Faust and Matt Sizemore is thrilling!

With its endless parade of hard dicks ready to pound that piggy ass, this hot flick will bring you hours of meat-beating fun. There’s no soundtrack to get in the way because the sounds of cock-sucking are music enough, and the camera often gives us an incredible view from below of one or more greedy mouths licking and sucking. Be sure to stock up on lube and have a fully stocked linen closet.

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