Movie Review: Beach Boy Fuckers

Beach Boy FuckersThe Maverick Men are baaaaack! And you know what that means — more bareback threeway fun with a younger man. In Beach Boy Fuckers, however, the boys have escaped the confines of their apartment or hotel room and have chosen to get jiggy with it outdoors.

Fratboy Bradley is the boys’ new find. He goes up to visit the horny duo in Cape Cod during the summer and the three of them set off to a beautiful beach to fuck like beasts.

As with all their previous amateur outings, most of the camera work is handheld and passed among the participants, which adds to the raw feeling of the action and the improvised interaction about to unfold.

The banter between the three guys is, once again, one of the biggest assets of the latest in this series of films. Seeing the way they talk to him in that dominant intergenerational tone is such a turn-on for people who like the dynamic between young and older partners.

Along with the usual appeal of the Maverick Boys’ adventures, fans of the couple also get to see them slam some raw hole in the sunlight in this outing — what better way to watch bareback.

It’s a nice way to keep things fresh while retaining the style that has led to MaverickMan 22 Productions becoming one of the most popular amateur outfits in the business.

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