Movie Review: Beach Rats of Lauderdale

beach rats of lauderdale, falcon studios, Devin Franco, Roman Todd, Michael Del Ray, Vadim Black, JJ Knight, Myles Landon, Scott DeMarco, Manuel SkyeIn Fort Lauderdale, the men are hot and they love to have fun. Follow their horny antics in “Beach Rats of Lauderdale” from Falcon Studios and award-winning director Tony Dimarco. It’s worth noting that this is the first condom-free Falcon movie in close to 30 years, making it a milestone as well as a blockbuster new release.

Falcon Exclusive Devin Franco and his fellow Beach Rats, Michael Del Ray and Roman Todd, decide to pull off a heist so they can support their partying habit. Devin is the major standout in this five-scene blockbuster, appearing in three of the scenes and serving pure sexual excellence in each one. After they successfully pull off the heist, Devin submits to some soul-soothing sex with dominant daddy Myles Landon. Devin feels guilty and stressed, but it’s nothing that a good, raw fuck from an older man won’t help him feel better about.

Meanwhile, Roman Todd goes to see his dealer, Manuel Skye, who demands payment in both cash and ass. That’s fine with Roman, who is straight but not narrow, even in the asshole. Manuel’s uncut cock is a challenge for Roman at first, but he feels his hole stretching to accommodate the girth and soon he’s sitting on top, bouncing and fucking back against Manuel. When Roman blows his load, Manuel eagerly tastes it before unloading on Roman.

While he’s out skateboarding, Michael Del Ray finds his buddy Vadim Black hanging out on the beach. They decide to head inside for a smoke and a fuck. Michael is in the middle of deep-throating Vadim when Vadim starts recording video of it on his phone, but Michael takes it in stride and bends over to get his ass eaten and plowed. Vadim is such a good top that Michael is willing to spill more than his seed, and he casually reveals where he got the bud, not knowing Vadim wants to steal it.

Vadim’s plan is for Scott DeMarco to cruise Devin on the beach and lead him down a wooded trail where Vadim will show up later. Scott and Devin take turns sucking each other’s cocks until Vadim arrives. Devin is totally happy to have twice the cock to suck, but he doesn’t realize that Vadim is there to distract him while Scott steals his backpack. It’s only when Devin has two loads of jizz all over his face that he notices his stuff is gone.

Now Devin has to tell his buddies what happened. Michael and Roman are pissed off, but none of this would’ve happened if Michael hadn’t blabbed to Vadim. Devin takes off again in search of a good public restroom hookup to calm his nerves. Soon, JJ Knight rolls up in his car and starts masturbating to show Devin he’s available. JJ and Devin go into the restroom. Up against the sinks, Devin takes JJ’s thick, raw cock in his hole. A stranger enters and jerks off while he watches the show. JJ dumps his load in Devin’s ass, pushes his cum-coated cock back inside a few more times, and then exits, leaving the stranger to take his turn fucking Devin. When the restroom door opens again, what will happen next?

“Beach Rats of Lauderdale” is an AEBN VOD Exclusive that’s full of drama and dick, with good-looking guys and hot action.

Stars:   Devin Franco   Roman Todd   Michael Del Ray   Vadim Black   JJ Knight   Myles Landon   Scott DeMarco   Manuel Skye
Studio Name:   Falcon Studios  Falcon Studios Group 

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