Movie Review: Big and Juicy

big juicy, extra big dicks, pride studios, Sean Duran, Scott DeMarco, Jack Andy, Adin Smith, Jaxton Wheeler, Alexander Garrett, Hans Berlin, Bryce EvansExtra Big Dicks and Pride Studios have got something huge for us this week. Big and Juicy is all about fat, long, mouth-watering cocks and the holes that love them.

Working out leads to sore, stiff muscles that need a good massage. During a rubdown, Bryce Evans sees Sean Duran’s package peeking out of his shorts, and he can’t help himself. Instantly he’s on his knees, taking that meat in his hand and guiding it down his throat, getting it wet with his slobber. Sean Duran bends Bryce over and fucks him hard, right there on the locker room bench.

Jack Andy’s dick is big enough that the guys can’t stop talking about it amongst themselves. Adin Smith is all horned up because he’s heard about it too, and now he wants to experience it for himself. Jack heard that Adin has a nice ass and wants to find out if it’s true. Adin’s eyes almost pop out of his head when Jack shows him the proof that the rumors were true, and he excitedly engulfs that cock with his mouth. Jack reciprocates by eating Adin’s hairy asshole and slowly penetrates it before building up a pounding rhythm. Adin also rides Jack on top. After fucking in a couple of positions, Adin makes a cummy mess on himself and Jack adds to it.

Bryce Evans has invited Jaxton Wheeler over for a threeway with himself and his boyfriend, German hunk Hans Berlin. The couple get over their nerves as soon as handsome, well-hung Jaxton shows up, ready to go. They all make out on the bed, feeling each other up and getting naked. Bryce and Hans take turns blowing Jaxton; later, Bryce sucks Hans as Hans sucks Jaxton. Later, Jaxton moves around to push his hard dick into Bryce, who is still blowing Hans. Throughout the scene, the boyfriends take turns riding their new playmate. The trio’s various configurations take them to greater heights of pleasure than the boyfriends even imagined, adding all the spice they wanted in their relationship and then some.

In a locker room, Hans Berlin, Venezuelan stud Alexander Garrett, and Italian-American hunk Scott DeMarco are making small talk… until they get to the subject of what they’re packing in their shorts. Just talking about it isn’t enough, though, because bragging about your dick is meaningless if you aren’t willing to show and tell. They whip ‘em out in the locker room and, since no one is around, decide to suck and fuck in a hot threeway. Scott and Alexander take turns fucking Hans and feeding him their cum.

Big and Juicy from Extra Big Dicks/Pride Studios is streaming exclusively on AEBN VOD.

Stars:   Sean Duran   Scott DeMarco   Jack Andy   Adin Smith   Jaxton Wheeler   Alexander Garrett   Hans Berlin   Bryce Evans
Studio Name:   Extra Big Dicks  Pride Studios 

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